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Why You Need To Maintain Your Alarm Systems

Alarm systems give you and your family a sense of security in your home. It is important to prioritize the maintenance of your alarm systems. Whether it is an alarm system for your home, business, or office, ensure the safety of your property with routine alarm maintenance. Here are three reasons why you need to maintain your alarms and some helpful tips to do so! ​
Feel Safe in Your Home
The biggest factor in routine alarm system maintenance is feeling safe in your home. Imagine hearing unexpected noises in your home while you and your family are relaxing in the living room or being awoken in the middle of the night to shuffling in the house. Having a home alarm system will help you rest easy knowing that you will be notified of any odd behaviour around your home. You’ll have time to prepare and react, preventing or avoiding any potential threats. 

Be Confident Leaving Your Home
Most alarm systems have notification settings that can alert you or the authorities to abnormal behaviour to your home. You’ll be able to go on a long vacation, confidently leaving your home in the care of your alarm system. You won’t have to stress about the possibility of coming back to a home that was broken into, or worrying about losing your valuable possessions to thieves.

Avoid Invalidating Your Insurance
If your alarm system is ineffective due to owner’s failure to maintain them, you can invalidate the terms of your insurance. It’s a homeowner’s responsibility to keep their property protected. With an ineffective alarm system, your home is more easily accessible to burglars. Keep your alarm systems updated to ensure that if anything does happen to your home, you will be able to place a proper claim with your insurance company. 

Maintenance Tips for Alarm SystemsCheck them weekly. 

  • Make a routine to check your alarm systems weekly. Maybe every Sunday evening you assign a family member to check the alarm system and make sure everything is in working order. 
  • It’s good to make sure every member of your family knows how to use the alarm system and run a test. 
  • Know when to call the professionals.  
    • If your alarm system is acting up or not working properly, it’s best to book an appointment with the professionals. Fixing it on your own may work sometimes, but with an alarm system, you don’t want to compromise the safety of your property. ​Checklist:
      • Test the batteries.
      • Check sensors and panic buttons.
      • Check any transmitted signals.
      • For video surveillance, keep the camera clean and make sure it is recording and streaming properly.

The team at Higgins Insurance wants you to feel safe and confident in the protection of your home. With a maintained alarm system and great home insurance coverage, you won’t have to worry about the damage of potential intruders. You can be confident with the team at Higgins Insurance! To learn more about home insurance, visit our website or contact one of our insurance brokers. We are here to help you find the best available insurance at the best available cost in the Maritimes area.

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