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Why I Love Being “In the Insurance Business”

Ask anyone in the insurance industry today, “How did you get into the business?” You will get a variety of answers. One answer that will not be on your list: “For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be in the insurance business.” The profession of an Insurance Broker is years in the making, but generally comes from a referral or recommendation between friends and family members. 

It is from this same starting place that I began my career in 2003. My wife, 8-month-old son, and I moved to New Brunswick so that I could get involved with my father-in-law’s insurance brokerage.

Since May 2003, we have learned so much and it is this reason that I love being “in Insurance.” Every day we get to help people within our community/region in the protection of those things that are most important to them.

As an Insurance Broker, I provide my clients with Advice, Advocacy, and Choice for their purchase decisions: 

  • Advice: As a designated, licensed professional, I work with each of our clients on a personal level to find the right solutions for their specific insurance needs.
  • Advocacy: I do not work for any Insurance Company; I work for my clients. This allows me to find the correct insurance provider for each client’s unique situation.
  • Choice: We have built our business on the foundation of honesty/integrity, and as a result we developed very sound relationships with Canada’s top insurance companies. 

My passion is driven by helping people and seeing how the correct coverage delivers the promise of Peace of Mind.  Over 60% of Canadians confide in a Licensed Insurance Broker to help them understand the right solution for their insurance requirements. Let one of our Licensed Professionals show you what the Broker Difference is and how it can benefit you and your family. 

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