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What Is The Full Penalty for Speeding?

The Initial Penalty for Speeding: What Factors into the Ticket
When the flashing lights and sirens call you to a stop on the highway and you know that you were driving 20 kilometers over the speed limit, your immediate thought might be to cross your fingers and hope you’ll get away with a warning. After all, a ticket means a fine. And speeding fines can range anywhere from $50-$400 depending on factors like:

  • Where the ticket is given.
  • How fast you were going.
  • If you have a prior record.
  • Other moving/vehicle violations.
Other Less-Known Factors
Additionally, your speeding ticket fine or final judgement might be affected by the officer who pulled you over and the judge or traffic magistrate hearing your case. That’s why it’s incredibly important to be courteous, considerate, and honest to all parties involved in your initial penalty for speeding. 

A More Serious Penalty for Speeding
If the factors above are not in your favor – for instance, if you have several violations and a previous record of unpaid tickets – you might have a penalty for speeding that goes beyond a fine. These are just a couple of the more serious consequences:

  • Demerit Points – Points against your license that accrue with tickets. The more severe the circumstance, the higher number of points. Depending on the province or territory, when a certain point level is reached, the license is suspended until the driver makes amends by paying tickets, volunteer time, and/or a driving class. 
  • Outright License Suspension – For particularly severe driving violations (including a penalty for speeding when speeds are higher) the driver’s license can be suspended on the spot. This requires either having your car towed and calling a taxi, or waiting until someone can come drive your car and you away.

The Far-Reaching Penalty for Speeding: Car Insurance
Many drivers do not realize that a ticket for any traffic violation has the potential to affect your car insurance coverage. Essentially, it’s like having to pay a fine to your insurance company on a monthly basis. This is because a ticket often translates into unsafe driving and an increased likelihood for an accident. 
To avoid this insurance penalty for speeding and the other potential consequences, practice safe and cognizant driving at all times. If you have already had an insurance increase at your current provider, Higgins Insurance may be able to offer you a lower plan depending on your more recent safe driving history. Contact us to find out how to bring your car insurance costs back down.

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