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What is Collision & Comprehensive Coverage?

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Collision and comprehensive coverages are some of the most important types of coverage you can get on your automotive vehicle, but they can be confusing to understand. The truth is the only way to be sure you have the right car insurance coverage is to talk to an insurance broker. However, you can start researching your options ahead of time, and we’ve got some of the basics covered below! 

What is Auto Collision Coverage?

Whether a first-time insurance buyer or a seasoned veteran, it’s important for every Canadian driver to understand what auto collision coverage is. This type of coverage is designed to pay for damage to your vehicle if you are involved in an accident with another vehicle or object. 

Auto collision coverage is an optional coverage that you can add to your auto insurance policy. While it’s not considered mandatory coverage, it’s a good idea to get it if you want to protect your investment. 

It’s easy to write off major events such as auto accidents as “highly unlikely,” but the truth is, they can happen to anyone. In fact, in 2020 alone, 72,917 collisions resulted in personal injury throughout Canada, with approximately 1,591 fatalities. 

Collision coverage will also help you if your vehicle is involved in a fender bender or a major accident. With so many different types of vehicles (and drivers) on the road today, preventing auto accidents can be challenging. Collision coverage can help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

It’s also worth noting that auto collision coverage doesn’t cover you in all cases. For instance, collision coverage will only cover damage to your vehicle if it is involved in a collision with another vehicle or object. For instances involving damage to your vehicle from an animal, you’ll want to consider comprehensive coverage.

What is Comprehensive Auto Coverage?

Comprehensive auto coverage is another important type of coverage that you can purchase on your vehicle. It’s an optional coverage that will help you protect your vehicle against a variety of risks, including: 

  • Fire and water damage
  • Hitting an animal while on the road
  • Natural disasters 
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Comprehensive auto insurance is a great way to protect your vehicle and your family from these events. It can be purchased as a stand-alone policy or as part of a bundle with other types of coverage. For example, you may be able to buy a bundle that includes both collision and comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.

It’s crucial that you take your time and research all your options before deciding on which type of coverage you want to purchase – and of course, you should always reach out to a qualified insurance broker to help you answer any questions you may have.

Why Collision and Comprehensive Coverage are an Essential Auto Insurance Package

Having the right coverage is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family. Investing in collision and comprehensive coverage is a great first step toward protecting your vehicle, family, and pocketbook. 

When you have a bundled auto insurance policy that includes both collision and comprehensive coverage, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re covered when the unexpected happens. If you’re in an accident, your collision coverage will help pay for repairs to your vehicle. And if your vehicle is damaged during a natural disaster, your comprehensive coverage will help pay for repairs or replacement if your vehicle is a total loss.

However, not all policies are created equal. This is why it’s crucial to take your time to research options and ask all questions you may have, especially if you are a first-time policyholder.

Not quite sure how to begin your search? Here are a few things you should ask: 

  • What types of coverage do I need? 
  • What is the minimum amount of coverage required? 
  • What is the difference between bundled and stand-alone policies? 
  • What are the different types of coverages available? 
  • How is your vehicle used/stored?
  • What is the age of the vehicle?

Again, this is only a handful of questions worth considering. Be sure to also ask about discounts, which could help you save money on your policy. 

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage from Higgins Insurance 

Having the right type of auto insurance coverage is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family. With the right coverage, you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are protected against the unexpected. 

But don’t just take our word for it. One of our clients wrote to us about her experience after an accident on a cold Friday during the holiday season:

To the tune of Jingle Bells:

Driving through the States, on the Black Friday day, over the back

Roads, losing my way, I swerved and hit a pole, airbags did deploy,

Shopping was fun, but THIS was not my goal, on a car that is written off.

Oh Bob dear one, Oh Bob dear one, I need a new car, The VW is all banged up, and I need to go far(back to Canada) 

Oh Bob dear one, Oh Bob dear one, I’m very shaken up, Happy to be alive, But need a friend (Rick) to come to pick me up. YUP!

“Well, you can probably tell from the jingle that yes, I was indeed in a car accident and luckily walked away. I was out in the backwoods of Maine on a road less traveled. I was lucky to have a woman named Kim Jordan who answered her door and took care of me in more ways than one. She took charge of the situation, called the state trooper and tow truck driver Joe, and then drove me to meet our friend, Rick, who willingly picked me up in Maine. I was also glad that Angie, who works in the office with Bob Keays, faxed over my license number (I could not find this for the state trooper) and e-mailed Bob about the accident. Last but not least to Bob, who calmed me down after the accident and met us (Rick and I) in St. Stephen to drive home to Saint John. Thank you to everyone. I am grateful.”

If you’re in an accident, collision coverage will help pay for the repairs to your vehicle. Or, if your car is damaged during a natural disaster, comprehensive coverage will help pay for repairs or replacement.

Here at Higgins Insurance Insurance, we offer various auto insurance coverage options that will help you protect your vehicle and your family.

Have questions regarding collision and comprehensive auto insurance? Contact our team today and get the answers you need!