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What Does A Nurse Practitioner Do And How Do You Become One?

To date, we have interviewed: a Pharmacist, Radiologic Technologist, Respiratory Therapist,  Optometrist, Speech Language Pathologist, Bike Shop Manager, Correctional Officer, Social  Worker, 911 Operator, Police Officer, Nurse, Teacher, Educational Support Staff, Radiation Therapist, Lifeguard, Firefighter, Music Professional, Paramedic, Engineer, Medical Laboratory Professional, Actor, Non-Profit Organizations, Dental Hygienist, Flight Dispatcher, Flight Attendant and a Marketing professional.


We discussed the reality of their day to day work and asked them for advice on succeeding in their respective fields. Check out these interviews by visiting our online “Student Career Resource”.
Today we are proud to interview Crystal Broad, NURSE PRACTITIONER
What role does a Nurse Practitioner play in our Healthcare system?
Nurse Practitioners are autonomous health professionals with advanced education to diagnose, treat, and manage, many chronic and acute health care conditions. We are able to order lab and radiology investigations and refer to specialists when required. The clinic I work at also does women’s health and sexual health care for the area.
Briefly describe the educational background you need to be a Nurse Practitioner.
I attended UNB Fredericton where I received a Master’s Degree in Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner.
Why do you love being a Nurse Practitioner?
I love the opportunity to help guide people in regards to prevention and management of various health conditions.
Leave us with a fun fact about you!
I am a major Foodie.

Thank you Crystal for the Interview.

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