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What Are Your Plans For Family Day?

family day

Monday is Family Day in New Brunswick, Islander Day in Prince Edward Island, and Heritage Day in Nova Scotia.  To celebrate, many people plan and take part in activities aimed at the whole family.  We thought it might be interesting to get Danny Hennessey’s, New Business Sales Brokers perspective on the Holiday!

What are your plans for Family Day?

As my little ones get older (now 7 and 4) I find their outdoor spirit and curiosity is ever expanding. So Family Day is an absolute perfect day of the year to really focus on the outdoors and help foster that fascination. We will take a nice family hike with a picnic, somewhere snowy if we can and near the water so we can look at the changes winter is having on the ice and terrain. We will add in a little challenge for them to stay motivated on the hike, usually its foraging for specific items in the forest and then we bring those treasures home to look at through the microscope, experiment with and usually draw pictures of and decide what we thought was the coolest find. Maybe have the kids help make a fun supper like homemade pizzas and then enjoy the hottub and cuddle up together to watch a movie after a day in the fresh air.

What is the most important Family Day value to you?

To make it 100% a day for my kids! So its not a day for phones and tablets, but outdoor exploration, board games, fun crafts etc so I can commit to being present. We are often so busy with errands, cleaning, cooking, school, swimming lessons, daycare, you name it….so on family day we get our little troop excited for something Local and unique that only we can do living here in beautiful Southern NB.

What do you specialize in at Higgins Insurance? 

I am a New Business Sales Broker who handles all of our digital aspects surrounding our web based sales inquiries. I handle the web inquiries that come in every day and offer advice and quotes to these prospective clients through various communication methods but primarily via email and online which clients seem to appreciate in todays tech driven world. I feel proud that we have a great online reputation which helps me connect with Atlantic Canadians!

How can we get in contact with you?

You should!  We have the best team in the business no matter who you connect through, but for an online quote or advice from me simply email me at daniel@higginsinsurance.ca, or visit www.higginsinsurance.ca/dannyhennessey and complete a quick questionnaire and you will hear from me almost immediately 

Thank You Danny for the interview!

To conclude, we are wishing everyone a great Holiday Monday!  As the weather is usually very cold in February some of us might just enjoy hot chocolate, baking, watching movies, playing board games. Other people use the long weekend as an opportunity for a short winter break or to travel to visit family members or friends. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Family Day, Islander Day, Heritage day from Higgins Insurance.