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We Promise “Peace of Mind” For Our Clients

There are three ways in Atlantic Canada for someone to purchase car/home insurance.  
  1. There are the Direct Writers who are large national companies that have centralized sales and underwriting offices outside of our provinces.  
  2. Next are the Agent companies.  These operations look like a “franchise” in which they represent just one company and often provide additional services to their clients in the form of life insurance and other financial services products.  
  3. Last are the Insurance Brokers.  These licensed individuals work for the client, providing options from the various companies that they represent.  The impartial advice given to their client allows them to offer unbiased options for the client to consider.  Brokers also focus on Commercial or Business Insurance for their prospects.

At Higgins Insurance we have adopted a business practice that embodies the best of all three of these business models.

Clients often come to us wondering if they have the right coverage for their specific situation, and ask many “what if” scenarios.  By taking the holistic approach to Risk Management we can help them realize their #1 Goal of “Peace of Mind.”  We take an education approach to each client situation, so that our client understands their coverage and how they are protected, while pointing out potential gaps in coverage and other areas of their financial situation that they may have some risk exposure.  

We provide “Peace of Mind” to clients through:

  • Auto Insurance and Home Insurance review
  • Recreational Insurance review – motorcycle, ATV, boat, cottage, antique car, travel trailers, RV
  • Commercial Insurance review
  • Group Health Plan review
  • Life, Critical Illness, Disability Insurance review
  • Health Care coverage review
  • Financial Planning, Estate Planning
  • Mortgage review

Is your Insurance Advisor providing you with the Peace of Mind to know that if something happens you are covered?  If not, give us a call and we would be happy to explain our approach to personal financial risk management.

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