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Top 5 Causes Of Car Accidents

Understanding the top causes of car accidents can help you stay safe on the road. Be an defensive driver by being prepared for possible situations before they arise. There are many causes of car accidents, and some are simply inevitable. Knowing the top five causes of car accidents, however, will help you drive strategically, keeping you, your family, and your vehicle safe!
1.  Distracted Driving 

  • Driving while fidgeting with the radio, talking to your passengers, singing to music too loudly, daydreaming and not focusing are huge causes of car accidents.
  • Distracted drivers are much more likely to get in fender benders and severe car accidents.
  • The biggest distraction? Your mobile phone.
  • When you get in your car, be focused on the road, turn your phone on silent and set it out of reach so you are not tempted to check it while you are driving. In the car, you are responsible for your safety and the safety of others on the road.
  • It’s easy to get distracted when you are just sitting there, but think of driving as your job. Driving is huge responsibility.

2.  Drunk Driving

  • Unfortunately, drunk driving is still a major cause of car accidents and driving under the influence of drugs is on the rise.
  • Always pay attention to the cars around you.
  • If a driver seems to be swerving often, driving slowly, or excessively hitting the breaks, give that car plenty of space. Try to move safely past them.
  • If they seem to be having a lot of trouble controlling their vehicle, look at the license plate number and call the police station. You may be preventing a car accident!

3.  Not Driving the Speed Limit

  • Go the speed limit. Another big cause of car accidents is when people drive over the speed limit, or even under the speed limit.
  • The speed limit was designed and implemented to help control traffic and keep cars moving at a consistent pace.
  • The road condition, road design, traffic flow, and location of the road are all aspects considered when developing a speed limit. Follow it.
  • Speeding and driving too slow causes unnecessary traffic congestion and car accidents.

4.  Poor Weather Conditions

  • Avoid hazardous driving conditions when possible as they are likely to cause car accidents.
  • Heavy wind, rain, snow, and ice make a vehicle much more challenging to control.
  • Even if you feel confident behind the wheel during poor weather, others may not.
  • Be sure to drive with caution, give other cars extra space, and be patient with other drivers.

5.  Driver Fatigue

  • Driving when you’re mentally fatigued, sleepy, or emotionally compromised can cause car accidents.
  • When you cannot focus on the road, bad outcomes await. If you’re not feeling well, avoid getting in the car.

Driving defensively and being prepared is a great way avoid many causes of car accidents and collisions, but it still doesn’t guarantee your safety. Having car insurance is an important part of being a responsible driver and preparing yourself for possible accidents. Higgins Insurance is here to help you get the best coverage for your needs. Contact us today for an insurance quote and get on the road, safely.

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