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Tips For Protecting Your Teen Driver with Car Insurance

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Getting your driver’s license is an exciting time for teen drivers. Sure, it means they can finally drive, but it also opens up a whole new world of exploration and responsibilities as well. 

As a parent, while you may share some of your teen’s excitement, you’re also likely worried for their safety behind the wheel. After all, no matter how skilled a driver your teen is, there is always the possibility of an accident. This is where car insurance comes in. Through the magic of discounts, special features, and discounts for good behavior, there are a variety of ways you can protect your teen and their vehicle without breaking the bank.

Protection for Your Teen Drivers: 5 Tips Worth Knowing

Teen drivers can be a source of worry for parents, and the last thing you want is to see your child injured or killed in a car accident. We want to help you keep your teens safe behind the wheel by providing you with some tips to make sure they are prepared to take off and explore the world around them:

1. Add Your Teen Driver to Your Auto Policy

When your teen driver becomes eligible for their driver’s learner’s permit, you should immediately add them as a named driver on your auto insurance policy.

One of the best ways to protect your teen driver is to ensure they have a full coverage auto insurance policy. This way, you have coverage in the event of an accident, and your teen driver doesn’t have to pay a more significant portion of the cost. In most cases, you can add your teen driver to your auto policy at any time, but it’s a good idea to contact your insurance broker to make sure you’re covered if your teen is just starting behind the wheel.   

2. Consider Getting 2 Million Liability Policy Limits

2 Million Liability Policy protects you against lawsuits and claims made against you by others, such as your passengers or pedestrians.

3. Always Emphasize Safe Driving

While it’s essential that you allow your teen to experience the independence that comes with driving, it’s also vital that you emphasize the importance of safe driving. By setting clear rules for when your teen can and can’t drive, you can help them avoid situations where they might be tempted to take unnecessary risks. 

You can also encourage them to contact you if they’re ever feeling overwhelmed or confused by something they’re learning on the road. This will help you keep them safe, but it will also allow you to provide them with some much-needed support and encouragement.   

4. Let Your Teen Driver Get Plenty of Behind the Wheel Practice

Practice makes perfect, and there’s no better way for your teen to get experience behind the wheel than by letting them drive regularly. Even if it’s just to and from school or work, regularly giving your teen access to a vehicle will help them build confidence, improve their driving skills, and reduce their risk of accidents.      

5. Have Regular Discussions with Your Teen Driver

While your teen driver may seem confident and ready to hit the road running, you’d be surprised to know just how much they still need your support and guidance. That’s why it’s essential that you have regular discussions with your teen driver about their progress, driving habits, and any mistakes they’re making behind the wheel. 

This will help you build a trusting relationship, which will help you provide them with the support and encouragement they need to continue building confidence on the road.    

6. Should They Be in a Minor Accident, Consider Paying for Minor Damages Yourself

Should your teen driver become involved in a minor accident, there are several considerations that you’ll want to make before deciding whether or not to pay for the damages yourself or allow your insurance company to handle the claim.                

For example, if your teen hits a curb and scrapes the bottom of their vehicle, you might want to consider covering the costs of fixing it yourself so your rates don’t go up over something so minor.  

7. Invest in a Vehicle that is Safe for Your Entire Family

Finally, should you be considering a new vehicle, either for the family or for your teen driver, as a gift, you want to invest in a safe and reliable one. 

Get the Protection You Need for Your Teen Drivers with Higgins Insurance 

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