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Tips and Tricks for Travel Trailers

Are you a new owner of a travel trailer or 5th wheel? Are you getting excited to camp, explore, and experience the world around you? We know you are! Getting your first travel trailer is exciting and full of adventurous opportunities. It is important, however, to be knowledgeable about traveling with a travel trailer and how to properly set up camp! From preparing, to traveling, to setting up camp, we have the tips and tricks that you need to know!
Getting Started with Your Travel Trailer 

  • Being a new travel trailer owner can be intimidating! The first step is getting to know the functions and capabilities of your travel trailer.
  • Read reviews about your trailer from people that own it. Have there been any common issues they’ve had? What are the solutions to those issues? How can you prevent those problems?
  • Test all the lights and wiring for outlets. Be sure that everything is working as it should before you head out on the road. Know how many amps your breaker can handle, this will help you avoid blowing it. Avoid making operational errors with your travel trailer by knowing all the functional aspects!
  • Go for a test drive. Knowing how your 5th wheel handles with your vehicle over different terrains is important before you head out on a long road trip. You’ll be
  • During a test drive, you’ll be able to notice the balance of the inside of your travel trailer. Are there doors that swing open more frequently? Be sure that you have a way to seal them during travel.

Preparing to Head Out on the Road

  • Plan your route. With a calculated map and estimated arrival times, you’ll be able to more safely navigate to your destination. You’ll know what you’ll want to bring and when you’ll be able to stop to pick up other necessities.
  • Know where mechanical shops are on your drive. If you run into any issues on the road, knowing when and where you can get it repaired will be extremely helpful.
  • Bring a well-stocked tool kit.
  • Bring extra light bulbs, jumper cables, nuts, bolts, etc. Also, bring parts that might be customized to your trailer! It’s better to have them on hand in case of an emergency.

Setting Up Your Campsite

You will need:

  • A level
  • Planks of wood for leveling your travel trailer
  • Wheel chocks
  • Extra extension cords
  • Propane tanks that are filled
  • Camping carpet
  • Upon arrival, you’ll want to make sure your trailer is secure. To do this, lock your wheels and level your travel trailer with planks of wood.
  • Next, you’ll want to hook up to your water sources and power sources available at your campsite.
  • Ensure that you have extra propane for the drive.
  • Set out your camping carpet in front of the entrance of your trailer, you’ll be surprised much cleaner you’ll keep the interior if you wipe your shoes.

With these helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to experience the great outdoors with the comforts of a travel trailer. Enjoy exploring the world around you! To feel more secure in your adventures, look at purchasing recreational insurance. Getting coverage for your recreational equipment will take the worry out of your weekend getaways. Contact our experienced brokers at Higgins Insurance to get a free quote. We are here to help you find the best plans at the lowest prices.

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