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The Smart Energy Company: Making Sustainable Energy Happen

The Smart Energy Company

We love to discover businesses in our own backyard that are doing really interesting and creative things. The Smart Energy Company is one of these young, dynamic, and innovative companies. In a time where our environment is such a critically important issue, the Smart Energy Company are doing amazing things to help protect our world. We hope you enjoy the following interview with Sarah, the Chief Operating Officer of this incredible company.

What is The Smart Energy Company™?

We are a New Brunswick born sustainable energy developer specializing in solar energy.

What services & products do you offer?

We primarily offer solar energy design and procurement with one of our core products being the NorEaster®. This is a solar array that has been designed and built by TSEC (The Smart Energy Company™) for our harsh weather and climate known for its high winds and heavy snowfall. We also offer services of energy monitoring,  smart energy storage and educational workshops.

What is the territory that you cover?

We cover all of New Brunswick and have commercial clients as far as Grand Falls to Sackville to New Maryland. Our goal is to help our neighboring Atlantic provinces in the future.

Many of us are interested in doing our part to help the environment and solar energy for our homes seems to be something we could all consider.  Is it feasible to add solar to help power my home?  What is involved?  How would I get started?  Is it cost effective?

There are a number of benefits in considering solar for your home – social responsibility to our environment, energy cost savings, greener and cleaner air. And it has become more possible for businesses and homeowners – now more than ever – as our energy utilities have carbon reducing implementation and cost saving programs for the homeowner, commercial and industrial markets to help with taking the steps in having solar installed. We have had a number of residential and commercial installs who have only seen the positive results outweigh any hesitancies and myths around solar. Each of our clients understand that there is an initial investment cost  but that it will easily return on itself in protecting themselves from current and future rising energy costs, unpredictable and more adamant weather patterns, ultimately resulting in more power outages. Outages that cause considerable inconveniences – personally, financially and safety wise. We are here to help businesses and residents navigate through our changing energy world and take their first steps onto their path to sustainability and energy independence.

Sarah Barrie Smart Energy Company

What’s your current role?

I have been the COO and Operations Manager for our company since early 2018.

How can we contact you?

If you are looking at the possibilities of solar and have any hesitations, let us show you the finite facts and numbers to debunk renewable energy myths. Our website offers education and information, www.thesmartenergycompany.ca. We can be contacted through our website, by phone at 506-849-3001 or by email at info@smart-energy.ca. We can also be found on FacebookLinkedInYouTube.

Leave us with an interesting fact about the Smart Energy Company!

We have designed and installed over half a megawatt of commercial and residential solar throughout New Brunswick! “That is enough sunlight produced energy to power 37 homes for an entire year. It’s also enough to fully charge a Tesla electric vehicle 13,500 times, or charge your iPhone over 60 million times! Half a megawatt may not be enough energy to punch a rocket through our atmosphere, but it’s enough to toast precisely 16,875,000 bagels to absolute perfection. We did the bagel math.”

More info can be found at our blog.