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Snowplow Safety Tips From A Snowplow Driver


Photo Complements of CUPE 1190
Today we are very happy to have the opportunity to interview Brent Wiggins from CUPE 1190 in regards to snowplow safety. 

We at Higgins Insurance believe in education and creating awareness to help prevent accidents. It’s important to recognize the dangers of crowding snowplows, and to encourage people to drive more defensively to prevent accidents, injuries, and deaths on our highways and roads.

Here are some travel safety tips around snow plows: 

  • Assume that the plow driver cannot see you.
  • ​Keep a safe distance between you and the snow plow (when driving or stopping) to ensure:
    • They have room to do their job and in case they need to stop.
    • You are not in their blind spot and the driver can see you.
    • You reduce the risk of your vehicle being hit by salt, winter abrasives, or rocks.
  • Be patient: resist the urge to pass, wait until it is safe. Take advantage of the cleared path.  
  • Never pass on the right. Plows are pushing snow and spreading sand.
  • Tell your children not to build forts or tunnels in snowbanks near roads, keep them at a safe distance from roads.  

At Higgins Insurance, risk management is really important to us in making a positive difference in prevention, safety and to help keep people’s insurance costs down. Being an insurance broker we have the ability to shop among our insurance providers on behalf of our clients. We would be very happy to provide you a 2nd opinion on your home and auto insurance anywhere in the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island). Request a quote via email quotes@higginsinsurance.ca or by  phone 1.866.237.2911.

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