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Safety Tips for Shift Workers and How Higgins Insurance Can Help

C.U.P.E. Shift workers: you put in irregular and long hours at demanding jobs.

Whether you’re in healthcare or corrections, education or social work, you’re committed to the wellbeing of the Maritime community and workers’ rights.

Don’t you deserve some peace of mind knowing someone is looking out for you?

Higgins Insurance thinks so.

Here’s How Higgins Insurance Can Help

At Higgins Insurance, we believe it’s an honour to provide insurance coverage to C.U.P.E. members who dedicate their lives to serving the local community.

We know that the hours you work are difficult: midnights and weekends, holidays and early mornings.
Not only do we strive to provide the best home, auto, and life insurance coverage possible, but we also do everything in our power to make it accessible, affordable, and friendly.

Higgins Insurance understands that when you call your insurance broker, you want to hear a warm and helpful voice on the other end of the phone – it’s unlikely someone calls their insurance company with good news. 

Here’s how we try our best to make your life just a little easier.

1.  Mobile App

We’re committed to making our insurance service as accessible as possible. As a result, we’re happy to announce the Higgins Insurance app.

Through the app you can:

  • View policy documents anywhere and anytime
  • Receive instant notification of any updates
  • Update your policy on-the-go
  • Stay connected with customer service

We even made a video to help get you navigate the app after your download.

2.  24/7 Claims Service

At Higgins Insurance, we promise to be available whenever you need us: no matter the time or the day.
Emergencies are never planned. That’s why you can call us anytime 24/7 to file a claim or speak to a representative.

3.  Online Quotes and a User-Friendly Website

Keeping in-line with accessibility, we’re committed to keeping our website user-friendly.

You can learn about our company, browse services, read testimonials, and request quotes all through our website. We also list numbers you can call in the unfortunate event you need to file a claim.

4.  Friendly Customer Service

Higgins Insurance is dedicated to making friendly customer service our top priority. We believe that our C.U.P.E. members – and all clients – are part of our family.

For this reason, we strive to treat every client with the utmost respect and dignity. We know that when you’re in the middle of an emergency, it helps to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

5.  Group Discounts for C.U.P.E. Members

We’re proud to offer group discounts for C.U.P.E. and other union members across the Maritimes.
You work hard for your money, we understand this. That’s why we try our best to make insurance coverage as affordable as possible.

Personal Safety Tips for Shift Workers

As someone who doesn’t work “normal” hours, we understand that your personal wellbeing doesn’t always come first.

It’s important to keep an eye on these factors for your personal, financial, and family health.

1.  Don’t Drive Tired

1 in 3 Canadians are sleep deprived. (We’ll try to figure out what the other 67% are doing and let you know.) As a shift worker, your sleep schedule is probably out of whack.

Unfortunately, driving while tired is a serious health concern. Even missing an hour or two of sleep each night lowers your reaction time.

Roll the windows down with the cool breeze blowing or find an interesting audio book to keep you alert.

2.  Keep Your Home Safe

How many hours do you spend at home each week?

Probably not many. As a result, home safety is a top concern for shift workers.

Get to know your neighbors. Find someone you can trust to keep an eye on your home – let them know you work long hours. If that’s not possible, consider asking a family member to check on your home or installing a security system.

3.  Monitor Your Credit History

You’re busy: you barely have time to pay your bills on-time. Forget checking your credit history.
However, it’s really something you should make time for because otherwise, you won’t notice something until it’s too late.

Look for discrepancies on your credit report and debit card summary on a regular basis to avoid identity theft.

4.  Find Ways to Stay Physically Active

If you work a desk job, see if you can modify your desk to accommodate a standing position – even for a few hours each day. This helps lower your risk of developing heart disease. We need you healthy!
If you stand (or run) at work, check your posture to avoid slouching, hunching, and text neck.

5.  Make Healthy Diet Choices

You’re probably laughing at this one, huh?

We know: how on earth can you have time to make healthy food choices?

Every little bit helps. Try to pack easy and healthy lunches or snacks for work to eat on the go. Avoid vending machines and fast food as much as possible. Spend a few hours each week prepping freezer meals. (If you can manage a few hours.)

Higgins Insurance Values Their C.U.P.E. Clients

At Higgins Insurance, we appreciate your hard work serving the community and standing up for workers’ rights. We know you dedicate long hours and sacrifice time with family for the greater good – you deserve the best insurance possible.

For this reason, Higgins Insurance is proud to offer group discounts to members of a distinguished organization such as C.U.P.E. From corrections officers to teachers and social workers, we have you covered.

Higgins Insurance is one of the fastest growing independent insurance brokers across the Maritime Provinces. We value the service you provide – that’s why we strive to treat our clients like family.

If you’re a C.U.P.E. member, contact Higgins Insurance today to get a quote or learn more about the services we offer.

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