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Safe Winter Driving Tips: Make your safety a priority

Safe Winter Driving Tips

When driving during the winter season, you must adapt to the road and weather conditions. With plenty of our winter season left, here are some safety winter driving tips to keep in mind when driving on Maritime roads over the next couple months.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are designed for ideal road conditions and drivers are expected to slow down and account for poor visibility or change in conditions.

Avoid Sudden Moves

If you are changing lanes or turning, do so gradually. Hard braking and sudden gear shifts can cause you to lose control.

Two-Lane Roads

If you are on a two-lane road, drive in the right most lane to allow faster traffic to pass on the left.

Lose Control

If you do lose control, gently take your foot off the pedal and gently steer to where you want to go. Make sure you look where you are going.

Avoid Distractions

Taking your attention off the road even for a second puts you at risk.

Proceed With Caution

Be cautious at intersections. Large snowbanks can reduce your line of sight.


Safe Winter Driving Tips