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Protect Your Vehicle with Seasonal Car Insurance

Seasonal car insurance from Higgins Insurance is the perfect way to get required coverage for your summer wheels! We all love being able to take the convertible out during gorgeous weather and go for a joy ride. Higgins Insurance is here to help you find the best seasonal car insurance at the best rates for your convertible. To protect your car in other ways, here are some helpful tips to protect your seasonal vehicle!
During the Warm Season 

  • Make sure that your vehicle is properly insured. In the Maritimes Area, Higgins Insurance can get you great quotes on seasonal car insurance.
  • Wash your seasonal vehicle by hand. With warmer weather outside, take the time to delicately clean your summer ride. Hand washing a car will make your car streak-free, look clean in every crevice, and will help maintain the body of the car longer.
  • Wash your convertible top. To do this, always was the entire thing at once. Spot cleaning the convertible top can lead to rings or spots in the fabric. Always remember to wash the convertible top in the shade, as direct sunlight can affect the drying process and the color of your top.
  • Wax your vehicle. After hand washing your car, wax it. The wax will protect your car from dust and grime and keep it looking sharp.
  • Make sure everything is properly loaded in your vehicle when you hit the road with the top down! You don’t want to lose any of your possessions due to the wind!
  • Make sure you lock up all important possessions or take them with you. Leaving items unattended in your vehicle, specifically in a convertible, can very easily be stolen. This includes phone chargers, GPS, etc. Try to lock them in your trunk if you don’t want to take them with you.

During the Off-Season

  • During the off-season, you’ll want to make sure your car is properly and safely stored.
  • Do you store it in a local storage unit? Do you store it in your garage? Make sure that any storage unit you choose is secure and has cameras available in case anything happens to your car while it is in storage.
  • In your personal garage, be sure it is well-protected from your other possessions. Avoid storing other things near your convertible. You don’t want ladders or hockey sticks accidentally falling into your car and causing dents or scratches.
  • Keep your vehicle covered at all times while it is in storage. This will prevent scratches from dust and help protect it from possible accidents in the garage.

With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your summer wheels spinning all season and keep it safe during the colder months. Contact one of our knowledgeable insurance brokers to get a free quote on seasonal car insurance for your vehicle.

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