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Prepare Your Property for Spring Weather

Spring weather is quickly approaching. While most of spring is flowers and sunshine, there are aspects of spring weather that are less than pleasant, like melted snow, heavy rains, and soft soil. It’s important to acknowledge these aspects of spring weather and be sure that your property and lawn will be protected during the transition to summer.  The lawn, your deck, and your basement can all be negatively impacted by spring weather. Learn how to protect your lawn and property by reading the following maintenance tips.
The Lawn
When spring weather rolls around, the first area you will want to pay attention to is your lawn. As the winter snow begins to melt and the top soil starts to appear, it will be very sensitive to pressure. The topsoil will be moist while the underneath layers will still be frozen, making the top layer prone to damage. Until the ground has thawed completely and has had the opportunity to dry from the sun, avoid any traffic on the sensitive terrain.Even light foot traffic on soaking wet topsoil should be avoided, as it can damage the soil and grass that belongs there. 

Now that spring weather has arrived and your deck is finally clear of snow, it is important to prep your deck for spring and summer festivities. Before you put the furniture out, follow these tips to maintain and protect your deck for the entire season.

  • Clean the deck thoroughly to remove embedded dirt or mold that accumulated in the winter. A commercial deck cleaner will often have the best results, though a pressure washer can also be effective.
  • After a thorough cleaning of the deck, seal it was a water repellent finish that also contains mildewcide.
  • For appearance sake, you will want to add a transparent finish so the beautiful wood from your deck shows through.
  • Your deck is looking brand new and is ready for furniture and a company!

Spring weather can wreak havoc on a basement. The melting snow and heavy rains of spring weather expose the flaws in older home foundations, leading to basement flooding. Basement flooding leaves homeowners with a huge mess and a lot of clean up. To avoid this, implement the following tips before the spring weather gets the best of your basement.

  • Tip 1 Make sure that all of your gutters are free of debris and that they are positioned away from the foundation of the home.
  • Tip 2 For obvious foundation cracks, use epoxy to fill them. If there are more serious foundational issues, call a professional to assess damages.
  • Tip 3 If you have below-ground basement windows, cover your window wells. This will prevent rain and melted snow from getting in through any possible spaces in the windowsill.

Following these 3 simple tips is an easy way to prevent potential basement flooding during the spring weather.
To take extra precaution, make sure your have the best insurance for your home and property. Higgins Insurance is here to help protect your home from the less flowery aspects of spring weather, so you don’t have to worry! Contact one of our exceptional insurance brokers to learn more.

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