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New Home Organization Ideas

Moving into a new home? Take this opportunity to get organized! There are a variety of ways to do it, and it can be inexpensive. Avoid letting things sit in your moving boxes! When you move into your new home, hop right into the unpacking and organizing process. Before your know it, you’ll be all settled and ready to start making memories in your new home.
The Kitchen.
Start unpacking kitchen boxes first. You will want to be able to prepare food in your new home, so getting the kitchen settled first is important! 

  • Have a place to hang pots and pans. Consider installing a ceiling pot and pan holder, you will be surprised by the convenience of it.
  • Buy drawer organizers for your silverware and utensils.
  • Use pantry organizers that help separate your spices and seasonings at different heights so you always know what you have.

The Bathroom.
In your new home, the bathroom should also be a high priority. You will want to shower and be clean in your new home, so unpacking all the bathroom living essentials and organizing them will be key.

  • Use shower hooks to hang loofahs and shower cloths.
  • Under the sink, store toiletries in a plastic box or an organization container. With one of those, you’ll be able to take out all the essentials at once and be able to to put them away without making a mess.

The Bedroom Closet.
You’ll want to be able to get dressed and ready for different events from your new home. Moving into a new home does not mean your life has to pause. It means you can learn how to make unpacking an experiential part of your life.

  • Use over the door shoe holders in your closet to keep your shoes organized.
  • Keep your hangers organized by seasonal clothing, or by clothes you often wear versus clothes you rarely wear. Whichever way you prefer, you’ll have a more organized closet and it will be easier to find the essentials.

The Common Areas.
After you have arranged all the major furniture pieces like the couch, chairs, dining table, entertainment center, etc. to your liking, be prepared to make unique and hidden “stow away” areas. In a new home, the key to organization is having places to store things that are hidden, yet accessible.

  • An excellent way to do that is to have cute storage bins mixed in with the knickknacks on your book shelves.
  • This is a chic way to hide papers, extra candles, or even random trinkets that you don’t want to show off all the time.

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