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National Social Work Month: Celebrate In Your Community

Our second interview of our new education occupation series is with Steve Drost, a Clinical Social Worker with 32 years experience with the Province of New Brunswick. 

March is Social Worker Month and we are excited that you will have the opportunity to learn about a rewarding career in this field.  Celebrated each March, National Professional Social Work Month is an opportunity for Social Workers across the country to shine a spotlight on their profession and highlight the important contributions they make to society.

Here at Higgins Insurance, we have started a new education series on some professionals who work in different fields. We will be highlighting them throughout this year and they will range from correctional officers, social workers,  doctors , 911 operators, police, nurses, education support staff,  arts, housekeepers, etc. If you would like to be featured, please let us know by email.

Our goal is to inspire our youth so they can learn more about different professions, as well as to showcase the amazing people that perform those jobs in the Maritimes.

Stephen Drost

Here is our interview with Stephen Drost, Thank you.
1. Why did I become a Social Worker?
I chose the profession of Social Work as I truly wanted to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Life can be very challenging for most of us. It can be filled with wonderful experiences and no one is immune to difficult times. My parents modelled the values of community, charity, and helping others, in me and my siblings. We were raised not take anything for granted, to be thankful for the people in our lives, to give back if possible and to always remember, we are no better than anyone else. As Social Work is considered a ‘helping’ profession it seemed like a good fit to my upbringing. Another reason I became a Social Worker is it has provided me the opportunity to advocate for Social Justice.
2. What has been the most rewarding aspect of my profession?
Wow this is a tough one to answer as there have been so many. My initial response to this is that I have met so many wonderful people at Social Development and the Canadian Union of Public Employees. This includes the families and children I have worked with, my peers at Social Development and CUPE, and many professionals, activists, and helpers. I have learned a great deal from all of them and made some wonderful friends. On a personal note, it is very humbling and rewarding to meet former clients in the community or Union members who approach me and thank me for being kind, respectful and helping them at a time they needed some guidance and support.
3. What do I say to people who want to become a Social Worker?
I always promote my profession to the fullest. I explain to people that throughout my career I have had several excellent opportunities to work in different programs, take on new challenges and again meet some great people. I always tell them that two of the most important things that will help them become a successful Social Worker is to be a good listener and use common sense.
4. What is a fun fact about my occupation?
Early in my career our Regional Office would hold Gong Shows and everyone was encouraged to participate and welcome to attend. These events were supported by our Regional Managers and they too participated. At these events we had the chance to see each other in a very different roles, acts, and sometimes unique performances. We had many laughs and many good times. Another fun fact is that I have worked with some very good practical jokers. These people helped to keep me grounded and a need to pay them back, safely of course.
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