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National Correctional Officers Appreciation Week

Corrections week acknowledges the hardworking men and women who positively impact our communities.  May 6-12 marks National Correctional Officers week. It is a time to acknowledge and honour the men and women who provide quality care and service that many times goes unnoticed to the general public.  


Corrections personnel are well aware of the risks and challenges associated with the work they do. Without hesitation, they perform their jobs on a daily basis with commitment and dedication to maintain public safety and assist in the rehabilitation of offenders. As most of their work is performed behind the walls, the general public doesn’t often hear about their valuable contributions. 

​We at Higgins Insurance wanted to highlight some of the contributions you make to our communities.

Here at Higgins Insurance, we have started a new education series on some professionals who work in different fields. We will be highlighting them throughout this year and they will range from correctional officers, social workers, doctors , 911 operators, police, nurses, education support staff,  arts, housekeepers, etc. If you would like to be featured, please let us know by email.

Our goal is to inspire our youth so they can learn more about different professions, as well as to showcase the amazing people that perform those jobs in the Maritimes.

Here is our interview with Jason Maclean, Thank you.

1.  Why did you become a Correctional Officer?

I became an officer because I had family members who worked in corrections and was intrigued by the facilities aspect of the justice system.

2.  What has been your most rewarding aspect of your profession?

The insight you gain when dealing with people and the innate ability you develop to deal with conflict.  You learn how to act without panic and to be able to cut through all the “noise” within conflicts to get to the real issues.

3.  What do you say to people who want to become a Correctional Officer?

The corrections profession isn’t for everyone. You have to be open to explore yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin.  There is a lot of negativity and raw emotion associated with this work and by having acceptance of who you are and to be able to work an explosive environment with your attention being pulled in different direction with competing agendas; then this may be a career for you that you can excel in.

4.  Leave us with a fun fact about your occupation?

Correctional Officers have a very funny and dark sense of humour that you wouldn’t be able to pick up on until you’ve spent some time with them.  We usually come off as serious but if you pay close attention, you’ll see the dry humour in most everything we talk about.

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