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Motorcycle Winter Storage in 5 Steps

Motorcycle Winter Storage: Why You Should Care
Your motorcycle is your ticket to freedom. Every spring, you anticipate that day when the streets are free from snow and it’s finally warm enough to ride. It’s what you live for. 

Because your motorcycle is so important to you, you care for it well. You keep it covered in the rain and practice proper maintenance. But do you know proper motorcycle winter storage? Improper motorcycle winter storage can lead to your motorcycle not starting for you in the spring, looking mangled, or breaking down and needing repair shortly after your first ride.

5 Steps to Motorcycle Winter StorageMotorcycle winter storage is more than just using a cover, though your main objective is definitely keeping your motorcycle protected from moisture. To keep your motorcycle in top running condition and avoid a costly spring investment, follow these motorcycle winter storage tips: 


  • Surface – Wash your motorcycle before winter storage. Otherwise, bug guts and water spots can corrode your finish. Then dry and wax, adding lubricant to any exposed metal surface.
  • Check Fluids – Don’t let broken-down, used oil sit in your motorcycle for several months. Instead, change the oil for motorcycle winter storage. This way, you’ll also be able to ride right away without an oil change in the spring! In addition, double-check the antifreeze in your coolant system to make sure it’s protected.
  • Lube Moving Parts – Lubing keeps moisture from building up and rust from forming. Lube your chain drive, cables, fork surfaces, and any other pivot points.
  • Prep Fuel System – Untreated fuel becomes gummy and the gas tank has a tendency to rust. To prevent both, add a fuel stabilizer after your last ride and top off the tank.
  • Cover – A cover is the final step of motorcycle winter storage. It guards from dust inside a garage or rain, snow, and the elements from outside. If you store your motorcycle outside, get a cover with tie-downs to ensure a strong wind won’t blow it off.

Depending on what kind of motorcycle you ride, there might be different concerns to address for motorcycle winter storage. Check your brand’s details online to discover more.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you just purchased a motorcycle and you’re waiting for next spring to ride or if you have already done so, invest in motorcycle insurance to make sure that your valuable asset is covered. You can add it to your current recreational insurance or find out more information by contacting Higgins Insurance at 1-866-273-2911.

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