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Motorcycle Safety Tips & Courses In Maritimes

No Better Time to Practice Motorcycle Safety Tips
The sun warms your back as you walk outside in your riding leather. The wind offers a cooling breeze against your exposed face and hands. The curved body of your motorcycle gleams in the shining sunlight, freshly washed and gassed for a long ride on your favourite winding paths leading to nowhere in particular.
The open road beckons, and you answer.
But part of being road-worthy is knowing and practicing tips for motorcycle safety. It’s your responsibility to operate with care, not only to keep yourself and your bike safe but also to help maintain a safe environment for your fellow riders. 

Motorcycle Safety Tips and Techniques
Though Motorcycle Safety Month (May) has passed, the coming summer months should all include a reminder to ride with precaution and care. Whether you are an experienced rider or this is your first time out on the road, the following motorcycle safety tips should be taken into consideration:

Motorcycle Safety Tips Before Your Ride

  • Check & Secure Your Helmet – Helmets protect riders from injury in 67% of crashes and death in 29%. But for a helmet to do it’s job, it must be undamaged and worn properly. Always scan it for cracks and secure it before starting the engine.
  • Protect Your Eyes – You may choose to wear a helmet that doesn’t have a face shield. For some, this allows a better connection and awareness to the road. However, it can also expose your face and eyes to the elements. Extreme wind may bite your skin or make your eyes water, distracting you from safe driving. If you don’t wear a full helmet, wear goggles in the very least to maintain your sight.

Motorcycle Safety Tips During Your Ride

  • Read Vehicle Language – Other vehicles and even pedestrians often misjudge the speed and distance of a moving motorcycle. Don’t rely on others to be safe. Maintain a safe distance and practice defensive driving.
  • Beware of Hazardous Conditions – Sand, loose gravel, liquid spills, ice, and potholes are just a few of the hazards facing motorcyclists. Don’t let yourself become so comfortable that you miss seeing these conditions and fall.
  • Make Eye Contact – As you ride, make eye contact with nearby drivers to be certain that they see you and make note of your position. If they do not, be extra cautious.
  • Easy on the Curves – Curvy roads are fun, but don’t get too caught up in the turns. Too much angle could result in a wipeout.
  • Stay Visible – Whether you ride at night or during the day, wear appropriate clothing and reflectors to boost visibility. Never wear camo on a bike. And stay out of vehicle blind spots.

Motorcycle Courses in Maritimes
One of the joys of riding is flying alongside beautiful landscapes, and there are no better landscape views than those in the Maritimes of Canada. If you live or visit in Maritimes, take the opportunity to be road-certified with the top-ranked “Gearing Up” motorcycle course. The Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Program was established in 1974 and is utilized by a national network of local and provincial organizations. It is the only program recognized by the motorcycle industry, federal and provincial governments, and insurers across the nation.

Maritimes Motorcycle Insurance
Before you head out on the road, protect yourself, your motorcycle, and others by becoming insured. Higgins Insurance offers recreational insurance for motorcyclists in the Maritimes area. To inquire further, please contact a Higgins Insurance representative.

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