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Maintaining A Dehumidifier in Your Home

A dehumidifier is an important investment for any homeowner. A dehumidifier keeps your home environment from collecting too much moisture, which in turn keeps your belongings safe. Your wood furniture, books, and other possessions will be safer in a space with a dehumidifier that keeps your room or home at a comfortable humidity level. Whether you have a portable dehumidifier for a problem area in your home or if you have a whole-home dehumidifier unit, routine maintenance is important to get the most from your investment. Here are five important tips to keep your dehumidifier in great condition for long-lasting benefits.
Tip #1: Adjusting the humidistat for the season.
Increase the lifespan of your dehumidifier by appropriately adjusting the humidistat on your unit for the varying humidity of the season. The humidistat on your dehumidifier controls the amount of moisture that the unit removes from the air. If the humidistat is set too low, your dehumidifier will be overly worked and will remove too much moisture from the air, creating a dry and uncomfortable environment. Too high, the humidistat will not remove enough of the moisture, which can leave humid air in your home, wreaking havoc on your personal belongings.
Ideally, your humidity level should be between 40% and 50%. 

Tip #2: Clean and Change the Filter
Depending on the model of your dehumidifier, you will want to change your filter and keep it cleaned. Most units have a filter that removes particles and allergens from the air in your home. This keeps your air cleaner so you can breathe easier. Follow the owner’s manual with your dehumidifier to know when you should be changing your unit’s filter and how to keep it clean between filter changes.

Tip #3: Clean the Water Tank
Cleaning the water tank on your dehumidifier unit is important to ensure that clean air is being filtered through your home. Simply emptying the water collection tank doesn’t mean you are cleaning residue or mildews from the tank. Occasionally, clean your unit’s water tank with soap and water to be confident that you are sending clean, safe air into your home.

Tip #4: Clean the Air Intake
Another important aspect of dehumidifier maintenance is cleaning the air intake periodically. The grill that takes in the air can become clogged with dust and particles from your home. Keep it clean by simply using your vacuum brush attachment to suck out the dust particles. This will help you have an effective, long-lasting unit.

Tip #5: Put Your Dehumidifier in the Best Place
To get the most out of your portable dehumidifier makes sure that it is six or more inches away from any walls. This will help it take in air properly and filter exhaust. Don’t have open windows near the dehumidifier because that can cause confusion for the humidistat.

With these five tips, you can keep your dehumidifier running efficiently and effectively while also increasing the life of your unit. Owning and maintaining a dehumidifier can help keep the value of your home and possessions in good standing. For affordable peace of mind, get in touch with us at Higgins Insurance. We can help you find the home insurance that’s perfect for you.

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