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How To Become a Flight Dispatcher: Education and Career Information

In 2019, we are highlighting certain occupations as part of our Social Media Education Platform.
We are doing this as an effort to bring awareness to grade 11, 12 and college students so they
can think ahead and do research on various career options available.
To date, we have interviewed: a Pharmacist, Radiologic Technologist, Respiratory Therapist,
Optometrist, Speech Language Pathologist, Bike Shop Manager, Correctional Officer, Social
Worker, 911 Operator, Police Officer, Nurse, Teacher, Educational Support Staff, Radiation
Therapist, Lifeguard, Firefighter, Music Professional, Paramedic, Engineer, Medical Laboratory
Professional, Actor, Non-Profit Organizations, Dental Hygienist, and a Marketing professional.

We discussed the reality of their day to day work and asked them for advice on succeeding in
their respective fields. Check out these interviews by visiting  our “Student Career Resource Hub”.

Today we are proud to interview Lauren Moore a FLIGHT DISPATCHER!

What is a Flight Dispatcher?

A flight dispatcher shares authority of the flight with the captain and are the eyes and ears
for the pilots on the ground.  We watch the flight from departure to arrival and will advise the
flight crew of any weather, turbulence, or any other issues that occur throughout the flight and
will help provide solutions.  We also make the flight plan and decide the route, flight level,
how much fuel, etc. the flight will take.

What made you want to work as a Flight Dispatcher?

I went to flight school to become a commercial pilot.  At the time I graduated the career path was
to then either become a flight instructor, work somewhere remote on the ramp, or in my case, in
operations as a flight follower (which entails many of the same job qualities of a flight dispatcher
but you don’t hold a dispatch license nor the same responsibility).  After working as a flight
follower for about 3 years waiting for a flying job I decided the career progression and schedule
wasn’t what I wanted.  After researching other jobs and contemplating going back to school I
discovered I was already doing something I enjoyed and was good at so I acquired my dispatch
license and that lead me to where I am today.

Briefly describe the educational background you need to be a Flight Dispatcher? 

To become a flight dispatcher you need to be at least 21 years old and pass two written exams
with Transport Canada.  There are optional flight dispatcher courses offered to help prepare you
to write these exams and a background in aviation/meteorology is beneficial but no educational
background is required.

Why do you love being a Flight Dispatcher?

What I like most about my job is that no two days are the same, weather is always changing and
new challenges are always emerging.  It’s very rewarding to solve these problems and be able to
see the completion of a flight from push back to touch down.

Leave us with a fun fact about your occupation?

Yearly, we choose somewhere that the employer flies and ride in the flight deck with the pilots to see
how my job works on the flip side.  This year I flew to Lisbon, Portugal that included a layover, so I
got to visit the city.

Thank you Lauren for the Interview.

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