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How Appliance Maintenance Prevents Water Damage

Why Appliance Maintenance is Important
Home appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine have water components that hook into your home plumbing in order to function. Sometimes those components can break or become old and leaky. Depending on the circumstance, these problems can lead to extensive water damage that costs a lot of money to fix. It might even lead to mold damage and severe health hazards.
You may think that you’re safe from an accident like this happening to you, but water damage from appliances and plumbing is the number one source of internal home damage. A leak can wreak just as much havoc as a large external storm such as a hurricane. That’s cause to care! Plumbing and appliance maintenance helps to prevent and avoid water damage, keeping your home clean and safe for years to come. 

Basic Appliance Maintenance and Water Damage Detection Tips
The best thing you can do to prevent water damage is monitor your home water systems, which includes appliance maintenance. Here are just a few tips to help you act as a home water systems sleuth!

  • Appliance Leak Detector – Install yourself or get a professional plumber to install an active leak detection system on your appliances. Some detectors not only emit an alarm but also shut off the appliance in question. This may cost a little bit out-of-pocket but can save you a huge amount in water bills and potential water damage costs.
  • Check Your Water Meter – One of the easiest methods to tell if you have a leak somewhere is to turn off your main water valve and check the water meter outside your home. If the meter shows any water flow, there’s a leak somewhere. A professional plumber can then be called to find and address it.
  • Vacation Preparation – If you’re going on a trip, shut off your water supply and drain the pipes (if you can). That way, you won’t come back to find a flood from an appliance or pipe leak!
  • Check Caulking – Fixtures like sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc. should all be properly caulked. If the caulk is brittle, broken, soft, or missing, you may experience a leak. Get it fixed right away!
  • Monitor Appliance Hosing – Proper appliance maintenance includes checking the hoses that connect the appliance to the plumbing. If appliances are ever moved, it’s possible for hoses to bend or kink and develop enough stress to eventually leak. Make sure all hoses are intact and properly wound out of the way at least once each year, and replace hoses every 3-5 years.
  • Search for Damp, Discolored Areas – Beneath sinks, at the base of a dishwasher, and near the wall where the hose of a refrigerator connects are common places where water from leaks may pool. Use your senses of touch, sight, and smell to make sure nothing is amiss.

Higgins Home Insurance Has You Covered!
Water damage from old/faulty plumbing and improper appliance maintenance accounts for almost 25% of property insurance claims. According to recent claim data, it’s 10x more likely to damage your home than fire. If you’ve already checked up on your home water systems and practiced proper appliance maintenance, you’re well on your way to protecting your home from this event! However, it’s important to make sure you’re covered in case of an unforeseen accident or unexpected leak.

Ask an experienced Higgins Insurance representative what policies we offer to cover your home so that you are covered for water damage and beyond! Call today at 1-866-273-2911.

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