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Home Insurance, you don’t know how much you need it until you do (client story)

​It was 2:00am, the dog was barking which woke us from our sleep and then my wife and I smelt it, SMOKE.  We quickly got up, the family out and called 911. ​
Our family will never forget that late winter night. 

The next call we made was to Higgins Insurance, and I was quickly connected to an insurance adjuster and they were at our home by 5:00am that morning. I was very surprised to see an insurance representative so fast to start dealing with my claim.

Over the next day or two, our family was relocated, a rental car was delivered and we were trying to re-establish some normalcy to our lives. I was able to locate our policy, and the first thing the adjuster said was, “Don’t worry, you’ve got lots of coverage”.

Before this, I have never even looked at my policies. I never thought I would need to use them, and I have never been concerned for what I was covered. I have always assumed that all insurance policies were the same and everything was standard. Having to deal with a huge claim like a house fire, I now understand the importance of having appropriate coverage.

Luckily I had the coverage we needed, and we can’t thank Higgins Insurance enough for ensuring we were properly covered.

I know that insurance can be a detail that you don’t give much thought.

When someone hears of my situation, they tell me of other stories how they lost things and didn’t have proper insurance coverage, and they lost everything or had to fight with their insurance company. I feel quite lucky to be in my situation.

Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone.

Insurance is essentially a promise.

A promise to take care of you, your family and those things that are most important to you when something goes wrong. Take a few minutes and ask yourself, “are you properly covered?”.

​If you have any doubts, give us a call at Higgins Insurance and we can help put your mind at ease.

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