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Home Insurance: Preparing for the Unexpected – Our Client’s Story

A long-term client got ahold of us at Higgins Insurance to ask if we could help her daughter with her home insurance. The daughter recently moved out on her own into a quaint mini-home, and our client was concerned that she had not received the proper advice with respect to the coverage she needed.  ​
ur broker connected with the daughter, Chantal, to discuss and review her current coverage/policy and make some suggestions. We discovered that her mother was correct in contacting us, as her current policy provided a Basic Form for Fire & Extended Coverages. Chantal expressed her limited knowledge to her policy and her reluctance to work with an insurance company due to past experiences. Our concern was that the coverage she had would not provide anything for water damage or wind, and these were serious threats to consider for the region.   

Three weeks after putting her new policy into effect, Chantal arrived home to 2 feet of water in her mini-home. We received the statement below from her after she had her new mini-home and contents delivered to her address.  

How to express our heartfelt thanks, for basically restoring order in a die-hard situation. I know that sounds a little extreme, but you really do not know the feeling of pure joy to know that you had truly kept your word and taken care of me and mine in our insurance needs.” 

I don’t think it is an exaggeration for me to tell you, you have restored my faith in the insurance industry. Before coming to you a few months back I had a profound distrust and, I hate to say it, but I loathed anything and all to do with insurance companies. No one had showed me that I was actually an asset to their business instead of a burden. It is hard to explain what you have done, but rest assured, when talking insurance you’re the company I mention to anyone who will listen. In closing can you please forward our sincere thanks to the insurance company representatives who hold our house insurance? Everyone was very helpful and kind.  

Again, a huge and heartfelt thank you.”  

​Don’t wait until a disaster to see how your coverage holds up. Instead, give us a call at Higgins Insurance and we can make sure you have the right policy for your specific needs.

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