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Help Lower Car Insurance Quotes by Avoiding Distracted Driving

Finding car insurance quotes can be a hassle, but at Higgins Insurance, we are here to find you the best coverage at the lowest prices. Maintaining a low car insurance payment can be challenging, especially if you experience multiple accidents. Avoid driving with distractions to help prevent accidents and help lower car insurance quotes. Here are five strategies to prevent distracted driving!
#1: Don’t eat and drive.
It’s a no-brainer that eating and driving can be a distraction. You’re worried about getting crumbs on your outfit or spilling on the interior of your car. Though multitasking can seem like a great idea when you’re pressed for time, eating and driving can lead to far more harm than good. Try to grab a bite before you get in the car or grab a snack once you reach your destination! 

#2: If you’re tired, pull over.
Avoid driving while you are sleepy as another way to avoid accidents and keep your car insurance quotes low. When you’re tired, you’re more easily distracted by your thoughts and are more likely to doze off during a long drive. This is a scary situation. If you think you feel too tired to drive, you probably are. Don’t get behind the wheel until you feel well rested and alert.

#3: Turn off your phone.
Turning off your phone entirely is the best way to prevent being distracted by phone calls, text tones, and notifications while driving to your destination. If you don’t want to turn your phone off entirely, always put it on silent or airplane mode. That way you won’t be eager to look at your screen because of a notification for something that can wait.

#5: Don’t fight in the car.
If you’re having a disagreement in the car, it is better and safer to wait to have the discussion once you are parked and out of the vehicle. Trying to focus on the road at the same time as your argument can lead to distracted driving. Protect yourself and others by waiting to discuss conflicts until you are out of the car.
With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to avoid being distracted while driving. This can help lead to fewer accidents, which can lower car insurance quotes overtime. When driving, focus on the road, pay attention to signs, other cars, and always drive strategically. You’ll find you feel safer and more engaged in the driving experience. At Higgins Insurance, we want to find you the best coverage at the lowest possible quotes. Contact our Auto Insurance Department to learn more about your coverage options!

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