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Happy International Snowmobile Safety Week

International Snowmobile Safety week is from January 18 to January 26, 2020. We chatted with Paul Robichaud, who is on the council for the N.B. Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, and a former Snowmobile Instructor with the RCMP; here are some tips he offered to stay safe while enjoying being out on your snowmobile!
  • Know your snowmobile and what it’s capable of doing – take time to read the owner’s manual.
  • Be prepared and vigilant! Review weather forecast before riding (know before you go), know the trail conditions, including lakes & rivers.
  • Choose gear that offers good visibility.
  • Ride with a friend. Know your route and tell a friend where you are riding, along with your expected time at destination.  
  • Wear reflective clothing, dress in layers and use a helmet with a visor.   
  • Follow the rules! Don’t drink and ride, know the speed restrictions and follow the trail signs. Stay on the trail, know your hand signals, rules and regulations, and your snowmobile operators permit. Have proof of insurance & your driver’s license in case you run into a mobile law enforcement patrol.   
  • Keep a safety kit that includes tow strap (in case you have to pull another sled), first aid kit, repair kit and emergency kit that includes a blanket, food and water.
  • Be extra vigilant at Railway & Ice Crossings.  The recommended Ice thickness for Snowmobiles (under ideal conditions / new clear ice) is a minimum of 5 inches / 12 centimetres. 
  • Always be alert for wildlife on or about to cross the trail.
  • When riding on the trail, keep to the right…  When entering a turn, always anticipate oncoming traffic.
  • When stopping on the trail, the same applies…  Pull over well to the right, and in a visible location, not on a hill or in a turn, as you may not be visible to inbound traffic.
  • Last, always ride within your personal safety limits, respecting your snowmobiles capabilities, and for the ever changing trail conditions. 

Picture Here are some additional resources for snowmobiling in Atlantic Canada : 


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