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Four Of The Best Places To Travel With A Travel Trailer In the Maritimes

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Collectively known as the Maritimes, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island might be Canada’s smallest provinces – but what they lack in size, they make up in charm. Located on Canada’s east coast, the Maritimes boast incredibly scenic yet dramatically diverse landscapes and cultures that show off a different side of Canada. And the best way to experience the region’s charm is on your Higgins-insured travel trailer. But given the array of scenic destinations in this region, where do you even start? 

Read on for a list of the best RV destinations in the Maritimes. 

The Best Places to Travel with a Travel Trailer in the Maritimes

From unique natural rock formations at Hopewell Rocks to dazzling night skies at the Kejimkujik National Park, a trip to the Maritimes is undoubtedly one of the best travel experiences for travel trailer enthusiasts. So, get your recreational insurance ready, gear up, and be prepared to be wowed by the following travel trailer destinations in the Maritimes:

1. Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick 

Hopewell Rocks is the best point to view the infamous high tides at the Bay of Fundy. Strong waves crash into the funnel-shaped bay, sometimes rising as high as 55 feet during the high tide. You can take a walk on the beach and marvel at the giant flowerpot rock formations from the base at low tide. The rocks are popularly known as Flowerpot rocks due to their spindly base and unique tapered shapes, resulting from erosion by the drastic tidal movements on the bay. 

High and low tides occur six hours apart, and experiencing both is equally as exhilarating. However, tidal times change every day, so you might want to check the tide tables before heading out. The Ponderosa Pines Campground is a great place to park your travel insurance covered trailer during your visit to Hopewell Park and the surrounding attractions. 

2. Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia

Pronounced Ked-juh-muh-koo-jik, the Kejikmkujik National Park is a 156 sq. mile park on the southern end of the Nova Scotia Peninsula. The Kejikmkujik National Park is divided into two parts – the Kejikmkujik National Historic Site and the seaside. 

The historic site features the habitats, burial grounds, and even petroglyphs of the aboriginal tribes and is the best place to explore and learn about their rich cultural heritage. It also has a protected wilderness area enveloped by lush forests, clear glass lakes and rivers, and pristine hiking and biking trails. 

The seaside area reveals spectacular white sand beaches, which create a perfect contrast against the beautiful turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean and pristine lagoons spread out across the shoreline. As Nova Scotia’s only dark sky preserve, the Kejikmkujik National Park also boasts an exceptionally dazzling night sky, making it one of the best places to stargaze in the Maritimes. Jeremy Bay is a hidden, tree-rich campground near the park where you can leave your travel trailer as you take on the vast nature activities the Kejikmkujik offers. 

3. Prince Edward Island National Park 

Although it’s among Canada’s smallest parks, the Prince Edward Island National Park boasts one of the most geographically diverse landscapes in the Maritimes. It features unique parabolic dunes, salt marshes, white sandy beaches flanked by red sea cliffs, beautiful hiking trails, woodlands, and expansive green spaces. 

Like its landscapes, the park also has a diverse flora and fauna population. It is home to over 300 bird species, including the famous heron and the rare piping plover, and animals like the red fox, mink, and weasels. It also boasts picture-perfect sunsets thanks to its location along the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  

Besides its beautiful varying landscapes, the Prince Edward National Park is also famously associated with the Anne of Green Gables novel, as it’s where Lucy Maud Montgomery drew her inspiration from. There’s plenty of parking for auto insurance-covered RV trailers at the serviced Cavendish Campground located right in the middle of the park. 

4. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia 

Considered one of the best roads for trips globally, the Cabot Trail is a 185-mile loop curling around Cape Brenton Island. Part of the iconic route runs through Cape Brenton National Park and the Atlantic coast, making it one of the most scenic routes you’ll explore in the Maritimes. 

The route is characterized by dramatic sea cliff formations, picturesque waterfalls, forested river canyons, and steep inclines with magnificent mountain views that’ll make you want to pack up and move to Nova Scotia. Cabot Trail also winds through popular historical communities such as Baddeck & Area, and has plenty of scenic trails to hike and explore.

It’s pretty popular among travel trailers, biking, and camping enthusiasts, so you’ll also have plenty of company on the road. 

Explore the Maritimes while Covered By the Best

The Maritimes are undoubtedly the most beautiful provinces in Canada. For the best experience, visit the Maritimes between June and September. While you’re at it, get a Higgins Insurance cover for your travel trailer today, and explore this beautiful Canadian region knowing you are covered by the best insurance. 

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