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Custom Framing You’ll Love From The Framing Factory

The Framing Factory

Every negative has a positive. A positive side to a reduced ability to travel far and wide is the increased opportunity to advance our knowledge of, and exposure to, local businesses and attractions. To help facilitate the expansion of local awareness, we at Higgins Insurance will run a series of interviews with Maritime Business Owners. We hope you enjoy this series and take the opportunity to visit with some of these wonderful people.

Today we are delighted to share an interview with Janet Chang from The Framing Factory.

Tell us about The Framing Factory?

Hello! The Framing Factory is a custom picture framing and plaque lamination business. It was opened in 1988 by my father who at the time was looking for a hobby. The business slowly took off and all of a sudden 25 years passed, and I have since taken over!


Where are you located?

We just moved into a beautiful new space at 240 Prince William Street (corner of Prince William and Queen Street) in uptown Saint John, one block down from our old place!

What services do you offer?

We offer any type of custom picture framing and plaque mounting service that one may need; whether it is your grandfather’s war medals or your child’s first painting. Our goal is to find the perfect framing design that will beautifully present, protect and preserve your treasured items for years to come. We take great pride in our creative ideas but work closely with the customer to ensure their own vision for each project has been met. We can frame anything, such as: concert posters, canvas stretching, hockey/sport jerseys, oil paintings, and it goes on!

What is one of your favourite moments at the Framing Factory?

I have to honestly say, everyday is a joy. Over the 10+ years since I took over the shop I have met so many people who allowed me to work on their special items. Items that will be treasured in their homes forever. It is strange to say that you form a small bond when someone trusts in you to preserve a memory. Whether it is of huge value or not… it always comes with a special story. It’s very heartwarming and knowing that I played a part to display and highlight that memory is a nice feeling.

How can we contact you?

I can be contacted easily by phone 1-506-693-7263, email, info@theframingfactory.ca messaging via twitter, Instagram and Facebook.