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Cleaning Tips 101 for the New Year

There’s no reason to wait around for spring to clean; get your house in order today! When spring rolls around, you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the weather, rather than deep clean the nooks and crannies of your home. 2016 is your year to get things clean!
Step 1: Declutter

  • Decluttering is important because to be able to deep clean, you need to be able to see the space for what it is. If you have a mass quantity of extra stuff, you will not be able to see the mess or uncleanliness that lies underneath it!
  • Decluttering can also help you reorganize and restructure your home. With better organization, you will be able to maintain a clean home more easily.
  • Decluttering can make room for new hobbies or interests. Sometimes we think we are going to enjoy a certain hobby, and we go all-in. Then we realize we don’t enjoy that hobby. Soon our closets become cluttered with things we haven’t been able to use and might not ever use. Get rid of that stuff. Try selling it, if it is worth money or donate it to your local second-hand stores. Then, you’ll have extra space for new interests that present themselves to you! 

Step 2: Deep Clean

Storing supplies:

The first deep cleaning tip is to keep your cleaning supplies easily accessible. A great way to do this is to use an over the door shoe holder. Put it over you laundry room door and leave all your cleaning supplies, rags, sponges, etc. in that shoe holder. Everything you need will be in one convenient place!

Picking up:
If you’re a parent, keeping the house “picked up” is an all day job. A cleaning tip to stay organized is to keep a laundry basket in a central area of the house. This way, as you’re going about your day, you can pick up random toys that have been left behind and set them in the basket. This prevents you from running all over the house to put things away. In the evening, take the basket and put everything away at the same time.

Cleaning the bathroom:
If you’re unexpectedly hosting people, clean the bathroom. That is the only place your guests will have complete solitude and will be able to notice minor messes or uncleanliness. Plus, no one likes a dirty bathroom. Do a quick dust of the toilet, the sink, a sweep of the floor, clean the mirror, and organize the towels. This cleaning tip will leave a good impression when guests use your bathroom.

Removing pet hair:
If you have pets, this is the most helpful cleaning tip of all. To get pet hair off of your cloth furniture, dampen a rubber glove and rub your hand over the cushions. All the pet hair will stick to the glove. It’s a pet hair magnet!
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