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Celebrating National Dental Hygienists Week

National Dental Hygienist Career week is April 6.  The month of April is Oral Health Month and an important part of this celebration is Dental Hygienists week celebrated annually in the second week of April. 

Focusing on the improvement of maintaining good oral health practices and helping Canadians understand the role and importance of the dental hygiene profession, this annual event is sponsored by the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. This week’s theme “Oral Health for Total Health” reminds all of us that taking care of our mouth, teeth and gums positively impacts other aspects of our lives.
Here at Higgins Insurance, we have started a new education series on some professionals who work in different fields. We will be highlighting them throughout this year and they will range from correctional officers, social workers, doctors, police, nurses, engineers, education support staff, arts, housekeepers, etc.


Our goal is to inspire our youth so they can learn more about different professions, as well as to showcase the amazing people that perform those jobs in the Maritimes. If you would like to be featured, please let us know by email. 

April 6 marks Dental Hygienist week and to shine a spotlight on this profession our 4th educational interview is with Jenny Gordon Hayes from Oakville Lane Dental.

Here is our interview with Jenny Gordon Hayes.

Why did you become a Dental Hygienist?  
At the time I entered school and graduated there were excellent career opportunities.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your profession?
Seeing real improvement in a person’s oral hygiene at the next appointment,  knowing that you took the time to carefully explain how and why we take care of our mouths and actually seeing your patient understand and actively choose to take better care of themselves.

What advice would you give for those who wish to follow this career path?
Be prepared for the physical toll this profession will take on your body.  Make sure to care of yourself and use good posture and ergonomics from the beginning of your career.

Leave us with a fun fact about your occupation?
Dental hygienists have very strong hands and are very dexterous. Do you need a pickle jar opened? Ask a Hygienist.  

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