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CAA’s Beth Hudson: A Day in the Life As A CAA Atlantic Employee

CAA Atlantic
We are highlighting certain occupations as part of our Social Media Education Platform. We are doing this as an effort to bring awareness to grade 11, 12 and college students so they can think ahead and do research on various career options available.
To date, we have interviewed over 2 dozen professionals.  These interviews are housed in the Student Career Resource section on our website.  
Each of our wonderful interviewees discuss the reality of their day to day work, provide information on what education is required to have a career in their particular field, and they offer advice on what it takes to be successful.Today we are proud to interview Beth Hudson (Canadian Automobile Association) Branch Manager at CAA Atlantic!

What made you want to work at CAA Atlantic Canada?

I had worked in the Travel Industry for several years with Sears Travel Service, both in Atlantic Canada and also for 5 years in Prince George, BC, and after 26 years felt it was time for a change.  CAA has always had a very good reputation of being a leader in the Travel Industry, and a great company to work for.  So when the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance.   That was 12 years ago and I have never regretted my decision.  I love the fact that CAA Atlantic head office is not only based in Atlantic Canada, but here in Saint John, NB.  While we are continuously growing and expanding our services it still has that family atmosphere which makes it a great place to work and why CAA Atlantic has been acknowledged as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers!

Briefly describe the educational/licensing background you need to sell CAA Membership  & Travel?

Most of my current staff at CAA Saint John have a High School diploma, and a post-secondary Travel and Tourism course from a community college.  While a Travel and Tourism Course is definitely an asset, especially for our Travel Advisors,  we will also hire based on experience  either in the tourism/hotel field  or any other service industry where you are dealing directly with the public on a regular basis, and providing exceptional Customer Service is your primary focus, particularly when hiring our Member Service Counsellors.

What are some benefits of having a CAA Membership?

Of the numerous benefits of a CAA Membership, the primary reason is peace of mind.  Not only are we the number one provider of Roadside Assistance, we also offer our members savings at hotels, restaurants, attractions, and retailers throughout North America and Europe with our Rewards Program.  We also offer our Members exclusive discounts on Travel Insurance, along with Auto and Property Insurance. CAA is also one of Canada’s largest leisure Travel Agencies. Because we are CAA, we have so much more to offer our Members than a regular Travel Agency, and members receive exclusive discounts or benefits on many of our Cruise/Vacation packages, including discounts on hotel and car reservations.

CAA – Making bad days good.  And good days better.

How can people in Atlantic Canada get  in touch with you or your team!

You can reach any of our CAA Atlantic Branches by calling  1-800-561-8807.  This will direct you to your local branch, where a Member Service Counsellor would be happy to assist you.  If you would like to reach my team in Saint John, you can call our local Branch number at 506-634-1400.  And if you would like to speak to me directly I can be reached at 506-649-6273.

We also have a great website where you can find out about all the benefits of a CAA Membership at www.Atlantic.caa.ca


Leave us with a fun fact about your occupation?  

There is never a dull moment.  Dealing with the public means that every day is different.  While the Internet is a great place to do research, no one can replace the knowledge and expertise of a  Travel Advisor, especially one that works for CAA. We, not only help you plan your trip at the beginning, we’re also there to solve any unanticipated issues while you’re there, so you can enjoy your dream vacation!

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