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Boat Safety Tips and Boating Courses in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Boat safety is serious business. Being knowledgeable about boat safety ensures that you and your children know how to handle a boat and can respond correctly and quickly to emergencies. A fun family outing on the boat can take a turn for the worse when boat safety is not appropriately implemented. Be in the know this summer by reviewing the following boat safety tips and by preparing yourself to pass the mandatory boat license test.
Practice for your license test!
As you know, it is illegal to operate a boat without a boating license in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. If you or your older children haven’t gotten around to taking the test, prepare to do so. You can find several boat safety practice exams online. This quiz is similar to the real boating exam you will take. A practice test is a great way to prepare yourself before you take your real one! After the practice test, you can take your real boating exam online or you can visit a testing location in your area. New Brunswick has testing locations in Fredricton and Saint John. Nova Scotia has a testing location in Halifax. Learn more here.

Review boat safety tips.
Here are a several boat safety tips that are important to remember anytime you go on a boat outing. Boat safety should be taken seriously by all passengers on the boat. Review the basics with everyone before you leave the dock.

  • Check the boat, engine, and equipment.
  • Check the weather forecast! Know what to expect for the winds and tides.
  • Always let someone know where you are going and when you anticipate coming back.
  • Never exceed your boat’s person capacity.
  • Have properly-fitting life jackets for all passengers.
  • Double check that you have an anchor, extra fuel, and warm gear in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t mix alcohol and boat operations.

These are the standard tips to keep in mind for boat safety. By remembering and following these rules, you will have a joyful day of water activities on the boat with family and friends. For extra protection for you, your family, and your property, consider purchasing recreational insurance. Recreational insurance protects the value of your personal property, so you can enjoy spending time on your boat. You won’t have to stress about the condition of your boat or your recreational boating supplies. Learn more about recreational insurance from one of our knowledgeable brokers at Higgins Insurance. Contact us to learn more.

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