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Biker Bunny Doing Good EVERy easter

Here is our interview with BIKER BUNNY from Moncton who heads out on their bike every Easter to bring joy and smiles to all.  Biker Bunny visits all hospitals and centers for seniors and children with disabilities.
How did you come up with the idea of riding a motorcycle with a bunny suit?
Well, it first crossed my mind to drive around in my bunny suit because I believe we live in a society where there’s a lot of struggling going on and everybody just works to pay bills and so on.  I just thought that it would make people smile, so I did it and lucky enough, one of my neighbors posted a video of me online. That video of me in the bunny suit on YouTube  started people inquiring who is this biker bunny and what is he all about.
What charities do you support ?

As far as the Charities that I support, it was somebody very close to me, a recipient of help from Canadian Tire jumpstart, Prokids in Dieppe and our local food banks.  Now that I’ve seen what these foundations can do to help families in need and help kids that want to do Sports where the parents can’t afford it, I feel very fortunate to be able to support projects like Pro kids in Dieppe ,Canadian Tire Jumpstart program, the humanity project and Food Depot Altamonte. All of these foundations that require support from the public because you never know who may need them, yourself, a friend, a neighbor.

How do you raise money for your charities?
As far as raising money for these events I was very fortunate to be able to be in contact with several of these Charities and came up with a plan, where if there was enough hype generated to meet biker bunny that people would be willing to donate to have a photo with the biker bunny.  As it turns out several locations contacted me and  advertised to have a “Meet the Biker Bunny Day” at their store and get a picture with him  in exchange for a bag or a box of food for the food bank .  So far it’s turned out to be a really great cause . You can also make a cash donation to these charities as well.

Describe one memorial moment that’s sticks out in your mind?
One of the most memorable moments for me was a little girl that was deaf had come to visit biker bunny. She signed to me and asked me if  I was the “real biker bunny” from the “real Easter Bunny.”  I was lucky to know sign language and was able to answer and converse with this little girl.  This was very moving and a touching moment that I will never forget .  I’m also very  happy to be able to have support from the RCMP , and  our local motorcycle community to be able to visit children and adults with disabilities  that are not able to go out and enjoy Easter. To be able to take a moment and bring Easter to their doorstep is something that I cherish to have the opportunity to do this.
Thank You for the interview.

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