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Above Ground Pool Winterizing Checklist: 17 Tips To Keep in Mind When Closing Up For The Season

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For those of you who are starting to think about winterizing your above ground pool, we have prepared a checklist to help guide you!   Properly winterizing your above ground pool will protect your pool liner from tearing, ripping, buckling or collapsing due to the weight of ice. In Atlantic Canada, our winters are unpredictable. We could have days when temperatures range from -10 to +10 degrees on the same day. During days like this, the ice melts and freezes again, potentially damaging your pool.

The good news is, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and put together a Winterizing Checklist for your above ground pools! There are a lot of things to consider!   

  1. Vacuum Pool
  2. Check PH “Potential Hydrogen” of pool water, if low adjust to 7.4 PH and record reading
  3. Backwash and rinse the filter
  4. Turn pool pump off
  5. Turn pool heater off
  6. Remove solar blanket and elevate to drain, fold, roll and store
  7. Use a leaf net and scoop debris out of pool  
  8. Turn pump off, remove pump drain plugs to allow pump to drain, put in pump basket
  9. Disconnect plumbing from pump to store for the winter.
  10. Turn filter handle to winterize, remove drain cap, drain filter, put cap in pump basket
  11. Remove return fitting eyeball and place in pump basket
  12. Disconnect lines to heat pump, switch breaker off to heat pump and follow the heat pump owner’s manual for winterizing directions. Be sure to install rubber plugs at the heater unions after blowing and anti-freezing heater.
  13. Install rectangular or square skimmer face plug in pool side of skimmer. Ensure skimmer line and return line is no longer that 3 feet in length and slide up with 4 feet perferated drain tile to divert any water away from pool base.
  14. Cover heat pump and take stairs out of pool, clean and cover to store for winter
  15. Install winter cover and tie or weigh down
  16. Roll up hoses and store
  17. Double check site for any tools left around

Please note that this a generic check list as not all pools are the same.

During the winter months, it’s important you inspect your pool visually. If you discover damage, take photos and report the damage to your insurance company immediately.

Damages occurring over a period of time that are not accidental or sudden (for example issues caused by wear & tear or poor maintenance) are not covered by your insurance. 

So, every Fall, when winterizing your above ground pool, you should contact your insurance broker to review your insured perils and coverages. 

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent unforeseen losses. You should always check with your pool manufacturer as to how to properly winterize your pool. For peace of mind, you should always have your pool winterized by professionals as above ground pools are especially vulnerable, often collapsing from the weight of several feet of snow.

If you have questions about winterizing your above ground pool the team at Higgins Insurance is here to help. Please call 1-866-273-2911 to speak with a broker or email: info@higginsinsurance.ca.

We hope this will help you in protecting your investment so that you do not discover damage to your swimming pool in the Spring. 


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