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A taste of Dr. Joanne Henderson’s life as an optometrist

In 2019, we are highlighting certain occupations as part of our Social Media Education Platform. We are doing this to help grade 11, 12 and college students, so they can think ahead and do research on what they are really want to do. 

So far we have interviewed a Speech Language Pathologist, Bike Shop Manager, Correctional Officer, Social Worker, 911 Operator, Police Officer, Nurse, Teacher, Educational Support Staff, Radiation Therapist, Lifeguard, Firefighter, Musical Professional, Paramedic, Engineer, Medical Laboratory Professional, a career in Acting, working for Non-profits, Dental Hygienist, and Marketing professional. 

We discussed the reality of their day to day work and asked them for advice on succeeding in the field. Check out these interviews by visiting our “Student Career Resource Hub”.

Today we are proud to interview Dr. Joanne Henderson, Optometrist.  Joanne can be reached by phone (506-657-5567) to set up an eye appointment. 

Here is our interview with Dr.Joanne Henderson:  
Why did you choose to work in Optometry?
I chose to be an optometrist because I enjoy lots of aspects of science (math, physics, and biology) and working with people – and optometry incorporates all of these!
Briefly describe your educational background.
Most students applying to the Schools of Optometry have a degree in Science.  Then they do another 4 years before they obtain their professional designation. There are only 2 schools of Optometry in Canada!  One in English at the University of Waterloo, the second en Francais at Université de Montreal.
When do we need an eye exam?  How often should we get an eye exam?
Adults should get their eyes checked every two years.  Children, because they grow and change so much, every year.  Every single child should have a full eye exam by the time they are 3.5 years old to be sure that both eyes are starting where they should.  80% of what children learn in school is visual, so it is very very important for parents to be sure that their children are seeing properly, and equally, out of each eye.
What makes your clinic a unique place to work?
My profession is so fun because the eye and vision is almost magical!  When people aren’t seeing well but don’t realize it, they are so amazed when I show them how much clearer their world could be.
It’s also wonderful to meet people of all ages. I could see a sweet little 3 year old, then a wise, dignified 83 year old.
What’s your personal eyewear style?
I have as many glasses as I do shoes…. and that’s a lot!  Some of my glasses even match my shoes!!  I like glasses that have some depth and color ,choosing reds, pinks and black. I love my contact lenses when I’m outdoors .
Thank You  

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