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A Guide to Winter Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection Prior to Winter

The winter months can have a harsh toll on your home, from thrashing the siding to tearing roof tiles loose. Because of this, you might already check your roof or have it professionally inspected in the spring. But it’s equally important to armor your home against the harsh winter rain, wind, and snow. If siding or roof tiles are missing prior to winter, it can leave the structure and integrity of your home at risk, leading to larger issues and more financial drain. 


DIY Winter Roof InspectionAt the very least, it’s beneficial to inspect the roof of your home yourself if you feel comfortable and safe doing so. Even if you don’t want to climb up onto the roof, you can inspect your home exterior and interior for signs of roof damage prior to getting a professional roof inspection.
Here are some tips for a DIY roof inspection: 

  • Attic/Crawl Space
    • With a flashlight, look for dark spots, drips, wood streaks, mold, and mildew.
    • Feel for wetness, warped wood, and spongy boards.
    • Turn off the flashlight and look for any sunlight peaking through.
  • Exterior at Ground Level
    • Check the gutter exit point for granule deposits or shingle pieces that might have washed free.
  • Exterior on Roof
    • Look for cracked, warped, missing, or discolored shingles. Dark spots indicate moisture/mold while green could be due to algae.
    • Scan across the edge of the roof to see if the shingles line up or may have slipped out of place.

Roof Inspection with Peace of Mind
Even if you take the time to thoroughly inspect your roof for the signs above, there may be hidden signs of damage or concern. It’s recommended that you opt for professional roof inspection at least once per year. It helps maintain the longevity of your home by stopping any potential problems before they start!
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