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A Day In The Life Of A Community Pharmacist

In 2019, we are highlighting certain occupations as part of our Social Media Education Platform. We are doing this as an effort to bring awareness to grade 11, 12 and college students so they can think ahead and do research on various career options available.

To date, we have interviewed: a Respiratory Therapist, Optometrist, Speech Language Pathologist, Bike Shop Manager, Correctional Officer, Social Worker, 911 Operator, Police Officer, Nurse, Teacher, Educational Support Staff, Radiation Therapist, Lifeguard, Firefighter, Music Professional, Paramedic, Engineer, Medical Laboratory Professional, Actor, Non-Profit Organizations, Dental Hygienist, and a Marketing professional.


We discussed the reality of their day to day work and asked them for advice on succeeding in their respective fields. Check out these interviews by visiting our “Online Student Career Resource”.

Today we are proud to interview Andy Jay, a Pharmacist at Rothesay Pharmachoice.  (118 Hampton Road, Rothesay, 506 216 3323, andy@rothesaypharmachoice.ca.  Visit Rothesay PharmaChoice on Facebook.

Here is our interview with Andy:

What does a Pharmacist do?

  • We are considered medication management experts.  We collaborate with patients, their families, and other healthcare providers to benefit the health of Canadians.  Our traditional role is expanding to include a range of innovative services including medication reviews, chronic disease management, immunization services, and wellness programs.  Of course we also dispense medications, educate patients on prescription and over-the-counter medications, and advise physicians and nurse practitioners about medication therapy.

Briefly describe the educational background you need to be a pharmacist?

  • When we graduated we only needed one year of prerequisite university courses in order to be accepted into pharmacy (BSc. Pharm).  The majority of students did however have an undergraduate degree.  Starting in 2020, Dalhousie applicants entering into the new Pharm D Program (Doctor of Pharmacy) will be required to have a minimum 2 years of prerequisite courses.

Why do you love being a pharmacist?

  • Interactions with people.  Many of the people we see on a day-to-day basis are sick or are dealing with chronic health conditions and we find great satisfaction in having the opportunity to help people through pharmaceutical counselling or even just chatting for a few minutes.

Leave us with a fun fact about your occupation?

  • Pepsi, Coke, and Dr. Pepper were all invented by pharmacists.  Different pharmacists none the less.  This is why some people may remember sitting down at the counter and enjoying a drink from the soda fountain while waiting for their prescription. 

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