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8 Tips For Fall Fire Safety At Home

Fall fire safety probably isn’t high on your list of things to remember this season. Between family visits, holiday planning, travels, new projects, house cleaning, and other tasks, your mind simply has no room for unnecessary details. However, fall fire safety is entirely necessary to keep your family safe during all of those holidays and visits that you’re prepping so hard for!
Fall Fire Safety Risks
If you think you’re safe from an unexpected fall fire, think again. Here are just a few of the ways that danger can arise: 

  • Burning leaves or weeds on your property. When done without proper supervision, planning, and safety techniques, this kind of fire can spread quickly and unexpectedly.
  • Hosting a bonfire for family and friends. When the nights cool down and you want to spend time outside with friends and family, a bonfire or campfire seems perfect! But those dreams of marshmallows and fireside chats can turn into a nightmare without a proper fire pit or restrictions.
  • Charring your food. Big family dinners mean that a lot is going on, and so many things can be difficult to keep track of. Double and triple-tasking often leads to accidental kitchen fires.
  • Draping cloth against the space heater or baseboard heater. Heaters that haven’t been used all spring and summer are being kicked on!

Fall Fire Safety Tips
The risks above can be mitigated by these eight fall fire safety tips!

  1. Change your smoke detector battery. In case a fire does strike, you’ll be warned and keep everyone inside safe.
  2. Give your heating system (space heater or baseboard) the proper space. If furniture, dust, or cloth accumulate, it’s a serious fire hazard.
  3. Get your chimney inspected. You might need the chimney cleaned or the fireplace cracks repaired.
  4. Use fire-resistant holiday decorations. Decorations in the house add a whole bunch of extra kindling.
  5. Always practice vigilance with outdoor fires. This doesn’t only mean watching over the fires. It means teaching other family members how to do so and having a plan if something goes wrong.
  6. Create a fire escape plan. If a fire breaks out inside, make sure everyone knows the exits and has a plan for getting out, including how far away from the house to go and where to meet (i.e. across the street).
  7. Clear the roof of leaves and other debris. Like the inside decorations, these add kindling. 
  8. Have a fire extinguisher on hand. Kitchens should be equipped with an emergency fire extinguisher, even if it’s very small. Review the instructions on how to use it so that you are ready for a mishap.

The Final Tip for Fall Fire Safety at Home
Some accidents are unavoidable. A fire may break out while you are away to no fault of your own, or it might spread from a neighbor’s house. Be ready for this by making sure fire damage is covered on your home insurance policy. Call Higgins Insurance at 1-866-273-2911!

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