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7 Snowmobile Safety Tips

The first snowfall is exciting, especially when it sticks and starts to build. It won’t be long until there is enough white fluff to participate in winter sporting favourites such as skiing and ice skating. Snowmobiling, another popular winter sport, offers a fun way to travel as well as an entertaining activity for family and friends. But, just like driving, there are dangers in riding a recreational vehicle. It’s important to follow certain rules and be aware of potential hazards to keep everyone involved safe.
Before you rev up your engine and cruise through the powdery snow drifts, take a look at these seven snowmobile safety tips! 

  1. Check the Weather Report – If the weather prediction includes heavy snows, high winds, loss of visibility, or an extremely low temperature, push your snowmobile excursion to another day. You’ll not only be practicing better snowmobile safety, but you’ll also have more fun when you do get out!
  2. Understand Your Equipment – Every snowmobile is different. Don’t ride one without being shown proper operation techniques and procedures. Being taught by an accredited professional is best, but you should also listen to the owner of any loaner machine to be aware of unusual mechanics.
  3. Use the Buddy System – When riding, your snowmobile might unexpectedly break down, run out of fuel, or encounter another unforeseen circumstance. It’s best to ride in a group, or a pair at the very least, to ensure that everyone is accounted for on the trip.
  4. Dress for Survival – A helmet is a must, because it’s possible to be thrown or fall from a snowmobile just like a bike or motorcycle. In addition to a helmet, wear thick, padded clothing. Include insulated gloves and multiple layers, even if you aren’t going very far. You never know if you might have to walk somewhere or if the weather may get worse.
  5. Know Your Trails – Trails can disappear in heavy snows or low visibility. Create a mental map of the trails you’re traveling, as well as potentially bringing a physical map or guide along as part of your snowmobile safety routine. 
  6. Avoid Ice – Rivers, lakes, and even ponds that freeze over aren’t easy to assess for safety. Low temperatures don’t always mean thick ice. And even thick ice represents a slick, uncontrolled surface where you might lose control of your snowmobile.
  7. Pack a First Aid Kit – Increase your snowmobile safety by carrying an emergency or first aid kit that has tools for tending injuries or seeking help.

These snowmobile safety tips are a great start to an unforgettable season! To gain even more confidence and to discover more snowmobile safety tips, consider taking a local safety course. Then invest in recreational insurance from Higgins Insurance. The safety course might even score you an insurance discount! 

To learn more about your insurance options and rates, call Higgins Insurance at 1-866-273-2911! 

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