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5 Tips For Superior Home Storm Protection

Storm Protection: The Season is a Reason
Winter is coming. Or for some, winter is already in full force. And with it comes a multitude of moisture, from hail and sleet to layers of heavy snow. The icicles dripping from eaves create a breathtaking effect, but they aren’t doing any favors for your home. In fact, a typical winter creates a lot of damage on the structure and surfaces of your home, from your roof to the siding, windows, doors, deck, and even internal plumbing.
The damages caused mean that you have to put more money into your home’s upkeep sooner and more frequently or risk larger damages, safety concerns, and insurance risks. Storm protection can reduce the natural damages, save money, and increase your family’s safety.

5 Simple Storm Protection Tips
Storm protection might not seem simple, but even for a first-time homeowner there are several things you can do to prepare and safeguard your home. 

  1. Warm Your Pipes – Several parts of the home may get especially cold this season, such as the attic or basement. Insulate any exposed pipes in those areas to keep them from freezing during storms in which the wind chill and natural temperature drops.
  2. Keep the Attic Cold – Even though you want your pipes to be warm, it’s best to keep your attic cool. It should never be more than 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature or ice dams can form on the edges of the roof. Icicles hanging from the edges of the roof are a sign of this occurrence. Create a solid layer of insulation on your attic floor to keep the cold from seeping into your home and raising your heat bill.
  3. Clean the Gutter – Before a heavy storm strikes, heighten the storm protection of your home by having the gutters cleaned out. This will help them work properly and prevent clogs that cause water to saturate into the roof or accumulate near the foundation.
  4. Monitor the Exterior – Trim trees whose branches hang over the house or deck. Heavy snow could cause them to break and fall. Also remove leaves or excess foliage, unhook the garden hose, and weatherstrip or caulk windows and doors.
  5. Clear the Roof – When excess snow falls and accumulates on the roof, it can be in danger of collapsing. Wield a snow rake from the ground to push the heavy snow off the roof or hire a professional to do so as needed.

Now that you’ve given your house storm protection with these tips, consider adding storm protection to your home insurance. Get a quote from a Higgins Insurance representative by calling 1-866-273-2911.

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