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5 Interesting Facts About Atlantic Canada Farmer’s Markets

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Farmer’s markets are an excellent way to shop local and support your community. There is almost always something new to see as the seasons change and different produce is showcased. Plus, there are usually local artisans selling handcrafted goods and other unique items. Farmer’s Markets are a great place to spend time with your loved ones, get some fresh air, and learn more about what your community has to offer. If you are exploring the markets in Atlantic Canada, here are 5 interesting facts to prepare you for your visit. 

1. Food Bucks Programs

Farmer’s markets often provide more affordable options than grocery stores. This is especially true in Nova Scotia after a new program has been implemented to help low-income families by providing them with “Food Bucks”. The Farmer’s Markets of Nova Scotia started this program to promote community inclusion, stimulate the local economy, and to provide fresh, healthy food options to their community. Nova Scotia has invested $350,000 to the Nourishing Communities Food Coupon Program, which has now expanded to 25 markets in the area. Not only will this program help out roughly 400 families, but it will also greatly helps farmers by incentivizing people to come spend money at the market.  

2. Unique Experience

New Glasgow has a farmer’s market that offers a rather unique experience. At this market, you have the wonderful opportunity to interact directly with the artisans involved. The artisans themselves run their own booths, so they are able to connect with you over their products in person. There is also always live music in the area provided by local musicians to really set the tone. Many reviews state that there are a lot of unique finds here, making this a great place for gift shopping. The New Glasgow Market has both food and art to check out. Make sure you plan a lot of time to spend here so you do not miss out on anything!

Many small towns will also have farmer’s markets where you can find unique goods. These smaller markets often have more eclectic items for you to check out if you are looking for something special. Not sure how to find these smaller markets? Check out the blog Higgins Insurance runs, it is constantly being updated with local finds and will help you to stay in touch with your community.

3. Non-Profit Markets

Supporting your community by shopping local feels great and it feels even better when you support a non-profit group. In Clarenville there is The Farm and Market group, a non-profit, community-run group dedicated to providing fresh products to their neighborhood. Made up entirely of volunteers, they also have an on-site greenhouse, raised growing beds, and plenty of indoor/outdoor places for food trucks and other vendors. With their onsite facilities, this is also a great location to learn more about farming and gardening. Plenty of vendors are eager to share their wisdom and love to see their community grow. Stop by and learn more today!

4. Visit Historic Areas 

If you are traveling through the Atlantic, Canada area, visiting a local farmer’s market is the perfect way to learn more about the area. New Brunswick offers a number of farmer’s markets in a variety of historic locations for your trip. Their largest market is the Saint John City Market downtown with a unique roof in the shape of an inverted ship’s hull. There is also the Fredericton’s Boyce Farmers Market, Moncton Market, Dieppe Market, and tons of smaller markets in the area to explore.

When traveling, it is always important to have the right travel insurance. You never know what can happen on your journey and local farmer’s markets may not have the resources you need to get back on the road. Visit Higgins Insurance to get a quote today to ensure you and your loved ones are always traveling safely.

5. Shop Online

It is okay if you are still not feeling comfortable enough to shop in person, the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market offers plenty of safe shopping options. They are committed to maintaining top-quality health and safety standards by requiring masks, sanitizer, and social distancing. They also offer an online shopping program that hosts 40+ vendors for you to peruse. Once you place your order, you will be able to visit the market to pick up your order with their free, contactless pickup service. Now you can stay safe and comfortable without missing out on fresh, local produce!

Plan Your Next Visit

There are plenty of fantastic reasons to visit your local farmer’s market. You get to explore unique goods at an affordable price, all while supporting your community and discovering new places. 

It is always nice to do something good for yourself so besides going to a farmer’s market, make sure your insurance is the right fit for you. Finding the right insurance for yourself is a great thing you can do for your safety and peace of mind. 

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