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5 Backyard Home Improvement Projects Worth Investing In

backyard improvement

As a homeowner, you need to take care of your home and yard. But this is more than simply painting, cleaning, and trimming bushes and trees. Outdoor home improvement projects can bring a lot of value to your home. 

While the summer months are often the best time for these home improvement projects, this year has proven a bit challenging due to the rising costs of lumber. 

Rising Costs of Lumber Lead to More Hesitancy Regarding Renovation Projects

Rising costs of lumber have been a significant concern for both contractors and homeowners. 

One of the most significant factors in the rising cost of lumber was the lack of supply due to the complications introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which included:

  • Country-wide stay-at-home orders
  • Shutting down lumber mills
  • Lack of transportation 

Interruptions in the lumber supply chain throughout 2020 lead to an overall price increase of nearly 400% over 2019. That’s not only impacted contractors, but also homeowners who had planned backyard renovation projects. 

The good news? Prices seem to have peaked, and that means some prices are beginning to drop – encouraging homeowners to move forward with their backyard projects before summer ends. 

5 Backyard Home Improvement Projects to Consider

If you’re looking to spice up your backyard with a home improvement project, you don’t have to put off your plans due to rising lumber prices. Instead, consider these five backyard home improvement projects.

1. Patio Deck

This is an excellent home renovation project if you want to expand your usable outdoor space without investing a ton of money. A patio deck can be as small as a small room or as large as a full-sized deck.

A patio deck is typically built using pressure-treated wood, which is a good option if you don’t want to use a composite deck. Besides, composite wood is more expensive than solid lumber. 

If you’re choosing a patio deck, consider the size, shape, and location. A patio deck that’s too small or too large can result in a poorly planned space. A patio deck should be considered an extension of your home. 

2. Fence

This is a great way to help define your backyard. Whether you want to add privacy, keep your kids and pets safe, or simply add a decorative touch, a fence is a great way to transform your backyard.

When planning a fence in your backyard, consider the type of fence you want. You can choose from a variety of fence styles, including:

  • Chain link fence
  • Wood privacy fence
  • Picket fence 

The type of fence you choose depends on your style, budget, and the available materials.

3. Garden-scaping

This is another great way to transform your backyard. A garden-scaping project can be as simple as adding some flowers or as complicated as creating a new landscape design. 

A simple garden may consist of some low-maintenance flowers and shrubs to help bring some life into your backyard. However, if you have a larger space to work with, then you can let your imagination go wild. From adding a vast array of colours and greenery to your space to adding various stone and water features to the space – your options are endless.

4. Firepits

If you’ve already added a patio or beautiful garden-scape to your backyard, you may want to consider a beautiful fire element to your space! A firepit is an excellent option for those looking to add a little bit of character to their backyard without investing a ton of money. 

A firepit is typically made out of natural materials such as granite or concrete. They can even be made out of wood, metal, or stone. If you’ve laid a patio, then you can purchase a prebuilt firepit that can be set on the patio. 

Alternatively, you can build a simple stone firepit in the yard – though you’ll want to make sure you clear any grass around the space and consider laying the area with pebbles. 

5. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

This is an excellent way to bring some life to your backyard. The outdoor area can be as simple as a grill or as elaborate as a full kitchen and dining area with a built-in sink and refrigerator.

An outdoor kitchen and dining area is a great way to add value to your home and increase the resale value of your property. An outdoor kitchen can also be a great way to entertain guests and connect with your family and friend

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