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4 Highway Driving Safety Tips You Can Use This Summer

summer highway tips

Client safety is at the forefront of our priorities at Higgins Insurance.  We continuously monitor trends and gather information to help each of you remain as safe as possible.  In the Summer there is more traffic on our roads and highways, plus Summer road construction is  also underway.   We met with Sgt. Evan Scott, Traffic Services of the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force, to get some advice on how to avoid accidents in construction zones.

Here are 4 safety tips from Sgt Scott:

1. Avoid Distractions, like being on your mobile phone.  Anything that diverts your attention away from driving increases your risk of being involved in accident.  

2. Slow down as you approach a work zone.   In these areas, congestion increases and it is very important to keep a safe distance from vehicles around you!  Adhere to posted speed limits during the day and night.

3. Pay attention to construction signs, lanes, and highway workers.  Don’t tailgate and merge responsibly.

4. It’s important to remain calm while driving in work sites and use signals to let people know what you are intending to do (change lanes etc).  

To Conclude, Sgt Scott would also like to remind us that speeding in highway construction zones will result in a fine that is double the minimum.   Having a driver’s licence is a privilege and we need to treat it as such.