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National Engineers Month

Here at Higgins Insurance, we have started a new education series on some professionals who work in different fields. 

We will be highlighting them throughout this year and they will range from correctional officers, social workers, doctors, 911 operators, police, nurses, education support staff, arts, housekeepers, etc.

Our goal is to inspire our youth so they can learn more about different professions, as well as to showcase the amazing people that perform those jobs in the Maritimes.   If you would like to be featured, please let us know by email.


Our very first  interviews are with Josee Desjardins and Derek Mullin, who are both engineers. March is National Engineering Month and we are excited that you will have the opportunity to learn about a rewarding career in this field. 

Here is our interview with Josee Desjardins. Thank you.

Why did you become an Engineer?
I became an Engineer because I love math, as well as designing and solving problems. 

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your profession? 
One of the most rewarding aspects of my profession is coming up with really creative solutions to a tough technical or business issue.

What do you say to people who want to become an Engineer?  
If you want a professional degree that is challenging and allows you to have a wide range of career opportunities, Engineering is a great choice for you.  The degree will not only develop your technical knowledge but your time management and teamwork skills.

Leave us with a fun fact about your occupation!
For the most part, Software Engineers enjoy flexible hours.  The only time I had set hours was when I worked for a large corporation where software was not the main focus on the business.


Here is our interview with Derek Mullin, Thank you! 

Why did you become an Engineer?
My father is an Industrial Electrician. I grew up helping and watching him repair equipment, and once helped him pull wire to rough in a new house.  In Grade 8 there was going to be a job fair and our assignment was to think about what we wanted to be in life.  

At first I wanted to be an Electrician like my father, but as I thought on it I realized I didn’t really want to work outside in the winter cold, and I really wanted to better understand how things worked and to design the equipment my father worked on. 

​So, I decided I would become an Electrical Engineer and that’s exactly what I became. My course selections in high school were geared towards meeting university entrance requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your profession?
I enjoy helping people and learning new things.  Engineering–whether it be in the discipline of electrical, chemical, civil, biomedical, environmental, aerospace,  nuclear, or mechanical engineering–provides a very good understanding of the way things work (math, science, and the world around us).  Our obligation is to use that knowledge to improve the lives of people, and to help improve and safely advance society.  At heart I am an environmentalist and I am very proud of my role in the nuclear sector in supplying safe, clean, and environmentally-friendly low-carbon energy to the Province of New Brunswick.

What do you say to people who want to become Engineer? 
As an Engineer there are many paths your career can take to practically apply science.  It’s a fascinating career, and if you have a love for math and science, love to learn and solve problems, and are willing to study hard, then the engineering profession may be a perfect fit for you!! 

Leave us with a fun fact about your occupation!
The first engineer known by name was the Egyptian pyramid builder Imhotep.  Around 2700 B.C. he built the first pyramids in Egypt and thus gained an almost godlike status. (Source: https://info.ringfeder.com/engineers-blog/fun-facts-engineers)

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