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Welcome to The Ask Bob Show on YouTube, where Bob from Higgins Insurance answers an actual auto, home, rec or group insurance question submitted from someone like you!


Discover the Higgins Insurance Difference

Saving you Money

We will find you the best price for the coverages you need. Our team of brokers work to create the right Home & Car insurance packages and to offer the most competitive insurance quotes. We also offer discounted rates for many occupations. Contact us today so we can show you how!

Saving you time

Our team will answer the phone when you call and connect you with one of our licensed brokers. We represent a full range of insurance companies so we will find you the company with the best insurance products and services for all your insurance needs. Our Clients’ wellbeing is our main focus.

Protecting you and your family

We will help you evaluate your insurance needs and provide you with the right protection at affordable rates. We are committed to helping people preserve and protect what they own and cherish.

Claims 24/7

Call us any time to be connected with an adjuster to begin your claim. A policy with Higgins Insurance is a promise that we will be there when you need us to protect your financial wellbeing. Our goal is to make your claims experience a positive one.

Customer First Priority

We try to anticipate your every need. Your total Satisfaction is what we strive for. We believe our clients are our family. If you are not a client we would love the opportunity to show you why you should become part of our family.

Advocacy and Advice

As your trusted insurance broker, we work for you. The companies that we carefully select to work with understand, and respect, the relationship we have with you. This allows us to ensure that your personal best interest is kept at the forefront of any decisions being made.


Our team of highly trained and experienced brokers always strive to create the best insurance package for the unique requirements of each client. Our team works in a creative environment where they can have a real impact using New Technologies.

Kindness of our staff

Our personalized service allows us to get to know you by name and build lasting connections. We believe that by nurturing our relationships we create an organization unparalleled in its ability to meet your needs.


As a broker specializing in group insurance we have been managing the car and home insurance needs of 100+ affinity groups for over with 25 years.

Broker Difference

You have many choices with regards to your personal insurance and we appreciate every single client and family who has put their trust in us. By working with a Broker, like Higgins Insurance, you have access to over 15 unique insurance markets, allowing us to find the right coverage for you and your family.


We explain various coverages to you to enable you to make an informed decision and to help minimize risk.

Here when you need us

SWEEPSTAKES 2023-2024!

The annual Higgins Insurance Sweepstakes is now in its 7th year! We at Higgins Insurance love Atlantic Canada and our goal is to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives daily with our service and creating great memories.





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